RIMOWA Enters The Year With A New Colour For The Essential Collection — Sea Blue

2024 may be the year of Peach Fuzz, Pantone’s pick for colour of the year, but not when it comes to German luggage brand RIMOWA. Instead of sunset tones, they’re looking to the sea, both its calming presence and its vibrant allure, which culminates in their choice of colour for the RIMOWA Essential range — Sea Blue.

The signature grooved shell exterior across their series of products now sees a gleaming new hue, a gorgeous saturated yet serene shade that seems to signal a fresh new start to the year. You’ll see this from cabin to trunk plus sized luggages, to a series of travel accessories, including a toiletry pouch and packing cubes, for those who can’t get enough of coordinated fits.

Prices are as follows:

  • RIMOWA Essential Cabin in Sea Blue, $1260
  • RIMOWA Essential Check-In L in Sea Blue, $1590
  • RIMOWA Essential Trunk Plus in Sea Blue, $2010
  • RIMOWA Toiletry Pouch in Sea Blue, $220
  • RIMOWA Packing Cube Small, Medium and Large in Sea Blue, $150, $170 and $190 respectively
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Available from 4 January 2024, in stores and online at RIMOWA.com.