Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is all about mobile AI, and it unleashes a whole new level of possibilities for photographers

Last year, when Samsung launched the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it was a powerhouse of a phone; I spent the year shooting portraits and fashion spreads with it, and the camera system on the device delivered with impressive results every time. It was also a very pretty phone, especially in its “hero green” shade that I had for review.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G in Green is Gorgeous, Ultra Fast and has a 200MP camera that will make your photos pretty Epic

And then earlier this month, Samsung showcased their next generation of their flagship S series — the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The exterior design of the phone looks generally similar to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but the dimensions differ slightly so you won’t be able to fit your old cases on your new device. What’s also upgraded are the materials; the Galaxy S24 Ultra now has titanium built into the frame, plus there’s a better scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Armor screen.

Above: the Samsung Galaxy S24 series featured at the media event, including the galaxy s24 ultra in titanium black (first phone from the left).

We see seven colours of the phone on Samsung’s website, and we have the all-time favourite Titanium Black for review. It’s a conservative colour compared to the other available shades, especially the Titanium Orange, which I actually really like. Nonetheless, whichever colour you get, you’ll probably put a case on it, and Samsung has teamed up with 12 local artists and CASETiFY for an entire collection of exclusive designs to protect your new phone with.

Above: some of the CASETIFY artist designs made exclusively for the galaxy s24 series.

The specs are what you’d expect of a top-of-the-line smartphone, in particular, the quad camera system that includes a 200MP lens. No doubt the Galaxy S24 Ultra takes incredible photos, it’s the AI that’s the trump card in this new mobile device.

Some of the really cool Galaxy AI functions include directly translating your phone conversation or messages from one language to another (if you’re using the phone translation AI tool, you need to speak clearly and slowly, so the software can do its thing). Another cool trick is that you can circle a picture or visual anywhere on your phone in any app, and it’ll do a Google search of it.

When it comes to photography, you can lasso items in your photo and move its location or remove it altogether. Google Magic Eraser already has this “remove” function, but the Galaxy AI takes it a step further and the edits look more natural. And sure, Photoshop has their incredible “Generate” function, but with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, it’s the convenience of having a good editing tool for photographers on the go.

Here are some portraits I took with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, and edited on the device as well.

Above: MARK LEE captured on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Above: Jack neo captured on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Above: Bobby tonelli captured on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Above: Vinay captured on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Above: RYAN captured on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.
The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is priced from $1,928 and is available on and all major telcos