We Want Gentle Monster’s Candy-Like ‘GENTLE JELLY’ Eyewear

Fun over function? How about both! A whole spectrum of candy-toned creativity is on full display with Gentle Monster’s latest collection, dubbed ‘GENTLE JELLY’, where the popular Korean eyewear brand debuts frames inspired by our favourite chewy, jiggly jelly sweets.

This lighthearted take explores ‘jelly’ details via both texture and colour. Take the Gummy MG1 and PC12, for instance, a bold pair with rainbow gradient colours adorned with gummy-like hearts and stars along its side; or the Yummy PC11, in pretty pink while looking like it’s been dipped in frosted sugar.

Plenty of these styles feature sleek wrap-around silhouettes as well, with those soft curved edges and smooth surfaces accentuating their jelly-like appearance, as well as a sophisticated feel should you end up choosing some of the more classic colours.

This sense of play is carried across to the brand’s marketing materials as well, where across Instagram and TikTok, we’ve been seeing content creators doing unboxing videos of Gentle Monster shades in squishy zipped jelly pouches that have us nostalgic for Haribo gummy bears.



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To further pique our imagination, the 2024 “GENTLE JELLY” collection is accompanied by stunning pop-up experiences in Seoul and Beijing, which see the same jelly pouches, now as larger-than-life sculptures with an abundance of jellies spilling out, alongside cute jelly creatures donning the latest frames.




Gentle Monster’s 2024 “GENTLE JELLY” collection, available soon at Gentle Monster stores.