Coca-Cola® Creations celebrates K-Pop Fandom with a new limited edition flavour — Coca-Cola® K-Wave Zero Sugar

The Coca-Cola brand has been around for 132 years and did you know that “Coca-Cola” is the second most known word around the world (after the word “OK”)? Today, the famous drink introduces their newest addition to their Coca-Cola® Creations line-up, and it celebrates K-culture in all its phenomenal glory.

Above: Coca-Cola® K-Wave Zero Sugar

The Coca-Cola® K-Wave Zero Sugar is a new limited edition flavour that’s inspired by K-Pop, K-Fandom, and the entire K-Culture that’s taken the world by storm.

Above: light sticks from Coca-Cola® K-Wave Zero Sugar

The taste is unexpected, yet familiar; it starts with the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar flavour we all know, and then adds hints of fruitiness for a vibrant, fizzy drink. Even the green and purple packaging is surprising and an eye-catching take on the traditional Coca-Cola can.

Above: packaging for the new  Coca-Cola® K-Wave Zero Sugar.

Above: Coca-Cola® K-Wave Zero Sugar

Above: (left) Coca-Cola® K-Wave Zero Sugar / (right) Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar

What’s most exciting for this new launch is Coca-Cola’s collaboration with JYP Entertainment. A music video was created to promote this new product, and it involves three groups and 18 artistes. Watch it here:

Above: Itzy performing for Coca-Cola® K-Wave Zero Sugar at the press event.

Coca-Cola also shares that the product’s campaign will culminate in a K-Wave Concert on June 2nd, 2024 to communicate with fans all over the world.

The drink will be launched in 36 countries including Singapore from mid-March 2024. For more information about Coca-Cola® Creations, visit WWW.COCA-COLA.COM/CREATIONS.