First look at the Lomography Lomomatic 110 camera

While we’re big fans of anything Lomography pushes out, we think the Lomomatic 110 is the most attractive and sentimental camera produced by the brand — and because of its unconventional shape and size, likely the most talked-about too. It’s a pocket-sized camera that has a sliding mechanism and uses the 110 cartridge-based film format that was first introduced by Kodak back in 1972.

The Lomomatic 110 comes in two colourways: a vibrant orange and beige combination (called Flash Golden Gate), or a sleeker silver and black (the silver edition is priced at a premium). Both have a matching detachable flash that is equipped with day and night modes, and the flash can be fitted with coloured gel filters (you put these in manually).

The camera’s design is nostalgic, with the orange one in particular being particularly eye-catching. Every time I whip this out to take a picture, everyone wants to see and play with it. It looks fun, and the sliding mechanism is satisfying to open and close.

This is an affordable camera as well, which makes it a lovely present for that friend who loves to take pictures with film. The Golden Gate (orange) camera is priced at $129, and the same thing with included flash is $159. The Flash Metal (silver) edition is a fair bit more at $209, but it’s far more discreet if you want to attract less attention with this gadget.

Above: The lomomatic 110 camera & flash golden gate in box ($159).

Above: The camera uses 110 film format that’s easy to load, but you have to look for specific film shops to develop your photographs.

Above: There are three iso values to select and a “bulb” mode where you can play with long exposures.

Above: the detachable flash has three modes as well — day flash, night flash, and no flash.

Above: there’s a switch for zone focusing; you can select focus for 0.8m, 1.5m, 3m, and infinity.

Above: There are various types of 110 FILM on lomography’s website, including a black and white version.
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