Swarovski x MARVEL Team Up For Superhero Crystal Figurines, Including Captain America And Loki

Forget infinity stones. MARVEL fans and avid Swarovski crystal collectors ought to be collecting these instead — an assembly of five beloved comic book heroes in bold hues and full-cut crystal facets that highlight the savoir-faire of the house.

This time, we’re getting some of earth’s mightiest heroes in the Swarovski x MARVEL home collection, alongside an iconic big bad that ought to be familiar to those who’ve watched the Infinity War saga. Stepping up to the crystal plate are Captain America, Thor, Loki, Captain Marvel, and Thanos, each solo figurines cut in brilliantly vivid crystal. This team-up is also a continuation of an earlier series that had seen Spider-Man, Hulk and Iron Man, among others.

As always, the attention to detail goes from capturing the vibrant green of Loki’s cape, and the contrasting red and blue hues on the each Captain’s suit, to polished metal details and faithful recreations of familiar MARVEL artefacts, whether we’re talking about Captain America’s indestructible shield or Thor’s mighty hammer. The powerful titan Thanos is even crafted with 607 crystallised facets, which represent his suit of armour as well as those precious infinity stones.

Take a closer look at them here:

Captain America.
Captain Marvel.


Swarovski x MARVEL Collection, $950 – $1,300. Available at Swarovski stores and online