Dyson WashG1 is the brand’s first dedicated Wet Floor Cleaner

A wet floor cleaner is basically a mop, right? Well, Dyson has just made the fanciest mop in the world. They’ve tapped on their expertise in making vacuum cleaners, and turned one into a device that can clean with water and mop up liquids through its iconic rollers. They call it the Dyson WashG1 wet floor cleaner. Watch the introduction from Dyson engineers:


In photos, the cleaner looks like quite a large device, but when we see it in person, it’s sleek and has a streamlined design. Assembling the unit out of the box is straightforward, and if you’re familiar with Dyson vacuums, you’ll intuitively know where to snap in the various parts.

Above: the dyson washg1 wet floor cleaner ($999).

There are two water tanks — one for clean water (with a 1 litre capacity), and the other to hold the dirty water (with a 0.8 litre capacity). This separation ensures that you’re always using clean water on the floor, and not just swishing around the used dirty water from previously cleaned areas.

Dyson users will be familiar with the motorised rollers. These are made with high-density microfibre that is super absorbent, and spins at a speedy 250rpm to pick up dirt. There are two rollers, both spinning in opposite directions, and you can see them at work sweeping smoothly across the floor and cleaning up dirt, spills, hair and anything else on your hard floor surface.

Above: the rollers spin in opposite directions.

The dry debris is collected in a tray, which has a click release for easy disposal and washing, while the dirty water is sucked up to the lower tank — also easy to remove and wash. Watch the technology in action:


This separation technology is certainly far more hygienic than what conventional mops do, but then it’s also 500 times more expensive. While this gadget is for homes with hard floors (which is every Singaporean home), you’ll get most value out of it if you have larger floor spaces that aren’t cluttered with a lot of furniture, carpets and things; you’ll appreciate being able to glide this across your home, and watch it do its magic.

Above: using the dyson washg1 wet floor cleaner.

At the top of the handle, there’s a 1.4″ UI screen that displays useful info including your remaining run time, charge status, and here’s where you can also customise the level of water used based on debris type, flooring and personal preference.

Above: the UI screen.

If you need a burst of power, there’s a boost mode button, but this zaps up battery quite quickly. We do wish the Dyson WashG1 lasted longer than its 35 minutes of run time, but then it’s easy enough to charge and use again when needed.

Above: charging the dyson washg1 wet floor cleaner.

I do like the Self Cleaning mode that flushes 1 litre of water on the highest setting, so the rollers can get cleaned after each use, and won’t get gross so quickly. Would I reach for this when there’s a spill? I’d probably still grab a rag. But for whole house cleaning, this device definitely makes the job easier and far more fun.

The Dyson WashG1 wet floor cleaner is priced at $999 and will be available by July 2024 on DYSON.COM.SG and at dyson demo stores.
Photos and videos from dyson.