Swatch x VERDY Sees The Celebrated Japanese Graphic Artist’s Works On Watches And A Wall Clock

Cute, colourful, and with a healthy dose of positive energy, Japanese graphic artist VERDY and his mood-lifting characters and art make their way to a unique Swatch collection, where we see some of his most iconic illustrations interpreted into a series of four watches, and even a watch-shaped wall clock.

The Swatch x VERDY collection is essentially a celebration of the artist, currently based in Tokyo, with his lighthearted message of the joy of life, and connection with our inner child, coming through across the designs. ‘VICK BY VERDY’, for instance, sees his signature panda-rabbit character, Vick, alongside an ‘A’ across the NEW GENT BIOSOURCED watch face as a nod to punk rock rebellion; the timepiece then sports a black-and-white colour that’s sleek and versatile.

For those into colour, ‘VISTY BY VERDY’ features the character Visty, meant to cheer one up during tough times, across a multi-coloured watch design in yellow, green, pink, and blue. Created to represent the artist’s love for punk and skate culture, ‘WASTED YOUTH BY VERDY’ is a bold blue-and-white watch that reinterprets the Wasted Youth logo in a graphic style, reinforced with the words ‘I can’t waste my time anymore’ written on the case below the dial.

Then there’s the unique transparent design of ‘GIRLS DON’T CRY BY VERDY’,  which pays homage to a project VERDY created as a gift for his wife. A red heart, understandably, lies in the centre of the dial, one that also shows off the skeletal internals of the GENT watch, while there’s also white logo lettering across the matching transparent strap.

To up the fun factor, the collection introduces the most playful ‘MAXI VISTY BY VERDY’ supersized 2.1m wall watch, for Swatch collectors who’d love to deck their homes with the mischievous spirit of the collection.

See all the designs here —

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Swatch x VERDY, available at Swatch stores and online