ISSEY MIYAKE and New Balance collaborate for a footwear project inspired by sensuous physicality and barefoot mobility

ISSEY MIYAKE and New Balance unveil their first footwear project together — the MT100 shoe designed by ISSEY MIYAKE’s designer Satoshi Kondo, and inspired by the concept of sensuous physicality and barefoot mobility.

This minimalist trail running shoe provides the sensation of running barefoot while offering protection and traction for off-road running, and is part of New Balance’s Minimus series, which emphasises minimal cushioning and a close-to-ground experience. This model was first introduced in 2011 and developed in response to a growing interest in the experience and technology of feeling like you’re running barefoot.

ISSEY MIYAKE worked on its materials, colour palette, and details, giving the classic model a new look. It features a cobranded logo on the insole and a special shoe case.

The shoe’s upper combines lightweight, breathable mesh with premium leather, and is fitted with thin cord-like shoelaces that are both minimalistic and functional. While the midsole has minimal cushioning, it is firmed up to provide a platform suitable for off-road running. As for the outsole, it is designed with a focus on grip and durability, having protruding shapes to enhance traction on various terrains in both urban and natural environments.

The ISSEY MIYAKE x New Balance MT10O launches June 14, 2024, priced at $340. available at ISSEY MIYAKE voco Orchard and CLUB21.COM in White, Black, and Blue Green.
All photos by ANTOINE PICARD.