Review: The Dyson Supersonic Nural hair dryer, using smart sensor technology — how does it work and what makes it different

We’re all familiar with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer that is powerful and fast, and comes with a whole plethora of attachments to dry and style various types of hair. Now Dyson has added intelligence to their bestselling hair dryer, so it can actually adapt to the user’s habits and style of drying hair. It’s called the Dyson Supersonic Nural hair dryer, because of the Nural sensors that it’s fitted with, and that can intelligently determine the power and heat that your hair needs while in use.

Above: unboxing the dyson supersonic nural hair dryer.

There are three Nural sensors in the device whose purpose is to enhance hair’s natural shine and to protect the scalp while drying. Under a special Scalp Protect Mode, a consistent temperature is maintained so it never gets too hot and your scalp stays comfortable.

Above: the electronics of the hair dryer are seen through the transparent casing, and they light up in various colours while in use (blue for cool, yellow for low heat, orange for medium, and red for high).

The magnetic attachments are now also made with intelligence; the hair dryer will recognise which one is used and your styling settings for it.

Above: the magnetic attachments that came with the Dyson supersonic nural hair dryer.

Above: The flyaway smoother attachment is one of our favourites to use. it utilises the coanda effect to hide flyaways and create a smooth, shiny finish.

Using the hair dryer is intuitive; it works exactly like the original Dyson Supersonic (and any other hair dryer), but you’ll notice the colours and heat changing on its own as you use the device. The machine is adapting to the attachment used and proximity of the hair, so you can really just carry on blow-drying your hair without bothering to stop and change settings along the way.

Above: you can set the power manually as well.

We love that when we pause and put the machine down, the hair dryer detects this and deactivates the heater and decreases airflow. This is a similar function that is in the Dyson Airstrait (which is really one of the best hair tools we’ve ever used and we’re still obsessed with).

Like all Dyson appliances, the Supersonic Nural is very sleek; bordering between industrial design and a modern, futuristic look. We have the Vinca blue/Topaz Orange device with a gorgeous matte finish. There’s also a Ceramic Patina/Topaz Orange version that’s equally striking.

Above: the colour combination shown here is Vinca blue / Topaz orange. the finish on the machine is matte, and the mix of blue and orange is beautifully striking.

On Dyson’s website, we can see that the Vinca blue option comes with a beautiful and functional presentation case. It’s a Dyson direct exclusive, which means if you buy direct from Dyson Demo stores or, and choose this colour, you’ll receive the case (which you’ll definitely want). Other retailers where you’ll find Dyson will only carry the Ceramic Patina shade, and without a case.

Above: the matte blue presentation box for the Dyson Supersonic Nural hair dryer.


The Dyson Supersonic Nural hair dryer is priced at $699 and available at DYSON.COM.SG.