Travelling soon? Check out MUJI to GO’s 2024 collection that includes clever and functional items to make your trip more pleasant

A good trip starts with good travel products; items that help make packing and organising a joy, and that make your things more accessible and hence your life more convenient. MUJI to GO seems to have everything for exactly that, and we’re talking about travel accessories that will make you more prepared for your journey, and when you worry less, you’ll be more relaxed and will enjoy your trip better.

Here are the things to get you started, from lightweight suitcases and useful packing cubes, to smart makeup boxes and innovative cooling rings for your neck and wrists; you can find all these and more in Muji stores and official Muji online stores at Shopee, Lazada and Amazon.


Muji has some of the best lightweight trolley suitcases for cabin and check-in, and in a variety of colours to choose from. Pair these with a duffel or backpack, which fits neatly over the top of your suitcase’s handle.



Lots of people dislike packing for a trip (I’m not one of them… I LOVE packing), but whichever camp you fall on, we can all agree that packing cubes and organisers are life savers. You can colour code them for your family members too! Muji’s makeup boxes also come in various sizes so you can pack light for a short trip, or bring all of your favourites for longer journeys.

We love their gadget pouches too, where you can add a strap and take it with you on the go.



These petite bottles will save you space and weight; just get the right size and bring what you need for your journey. There are both hard and soft bottles, and pump and spray dispensers.



Make life even more comfortable with these small conveniences. Muji has a whole range of water bottles in various sizes, a handle portable fan, really comfortable shoes, hats and other accessories, and our favourite — the best eyelash curler in the market (which is wonderfully flat making it great for travel!).


And if there’s one thing to keep in your bag at all times, make it the Muji S Hook. You can easily hang items from the straps on your bag, or hang your bag from the table to keep it off the floor. A travel essential even during your daily commute in Singapore.

Find MUJI to GO items and ideas at Muji stores and online at Shopee, Lazada and Amazon.