7 Value-for-money $0.70 Deals For Chope’s 7th Birthday

I remember a time in school when coins were more than enough to get you a piping hot meal. A daily pocket money of $1 was enough to feed your hungry belly during recess break. Fast forward a few years, and that same golden coin can barely get you a McDonalds ice cream cone (RIP 25 cents vanilla cone).

Well thankfully, you can now enjoy 70 cents mains as part of Chope’s upcoming 7th birthday celebration. From 11 to 21 June, all you need to do is to make a reservation through the restaurant-booking website or mobile application to indulge in some heavily discounted meals across participating dining outlets.

But with limited quantities available, and being the #kiasu Singaporeans that we are, we’ve done some sussing to bring you seven of our favourite deals (there’re over 30 places to choose from). And don’t worry—we’ve taken into account the minimum spending clause, Instagam-mability (very important for us millennials), and of course the food itself—so you’ll be ready to snag these very value-for-money 70 cents mains* when they drop on 11 June.

*T&Cs and minimum spending apply for all restaurants

1. Haru

Visit Haru for cosy, wholesome meals that change with the sun. During daytime, the space is cosy and inviting, and the affordable menu focuses on rice bowls infused with flavours from Japan and Korea. Popular favourites include the Miso-Sake Salmon ($10) with soy-cured yolk, and the Bulgogi Beef ($12) with mizuna, lemon, and ginger. Come nighttime, the interior turns more intimate, and the dishes served become sophisticated. Chauke, or rice served with bonito kelp broth, is served instead. Treat yourself to variants like the Sake-Soy Marinated Beef ($18) and Mangalica Chashu ($17)—served atop multigrain or Japanese pearl rice for a complete square meal.

Minimum spending of $30 to enjoy 70 cents on all mains except the Poached Lobster Chasuke

2. Full of Luck Restaurant

Cantonese cuisine is given a modern update here at the revamped Full of Luck Restaurant. The interior retains its same hipster vibe, with oodles of sunlight to brighten the space (and food photos). In the menu, look forward to creatively interpreted traditional Chinese fare, like the Moonlight Truffle Beef Hor Fun ($19) and the Crispy Hakka Kurobuta Pork ($16). After which, head up to visit their rooftop bar, and wash it all down with their selection of Asian-inspired cocktails.

Minimum spending of $25 required to enjoy 70 cents on selected mains

3. Myra’s @ Boat Quay

Its location at popular nightlife district Boat Quay makes Myra’s a convenient place to unwind when the sun sets. They serve an eclectic mix of Mexican and North Indian cuisine, with everything from Tacos ($18 for six pieces) and Burrito (from $16), to Butter Chicken ($18) and Palek Paneer ($14). With football season round the corner, the restaurant also offers live screening of matches.

Minimum order of one main at full/ regular price to enjoy 70 cents on all mains

4. alittle tashi

Here’s a cool restaurant with great communal-style dishes to enjoy after work. But first, you’ll need to find it. The entrance of alittle tashi requires some effort to locate: enter via their nondescript industrial-grey front doors, or pop in through their back alley door where you’ll spot illuminated clothing hanging from the ceiling. Once inside, grab a drink and savour their Asian-focused sharing plates. You can’t go wrong with their Grilled Pork Skewers ($16) with garlic fennel spice and pineapple sauce, or the Sautéed Blood Cockles ($14) that pairs well with a cup of sake.

Minimum spending of $30 to enjoy 70 cents on mains that include Grilled Lamb Ribs, Snails & Marrow, Grilled Squid, Lion’s Head, and Grilled Pork Skewers

5. Grub (Balestier)

You won’t get the usual park view at their Balestier outlet, which means you can actually focus more on the food from Grub. It’s hard to find fault in familiar Western classics like their GRUB Double Cheeseburger ($19.80) and Bacon Carbonara Pasta ($16.80). But equally successful are their unique creations, like the signature Mentaiko Fries ($9.50) and Sakura Ebi Pasta ($18.80). This is one family-friendly dining option with something to delight everyone.

Minimum spending of $30 to enjoy 70 cents on mains that include Bacon Carbonara Pasta, Har Cheong Gai Burger, Thai Pork Salad, and Mushroom Cheeseburger

6. HRVST Restaurant & Bar

Vegan dining might not sound exciting, but the guys from HRVST have found a way to do just that. The menu features guilt-free dishes that taste as good as they look. For instance, the King Oyster ‘ Scallops’ with Spinach & Spirulina Puree, Garlic Snow, Baby Carrots, Baby Corn, Toasted Hazelnuts, Lemon Zest ($12) might sound like a mouthful, but the result is a harmonious mix that makes sense once in your mouth. And if you’re worried that you can’t go full on vegetables, try the hearty Sourdough with Nut Spread, topped with Orange-glazed grilled tofu and Pickled Yellow Zucchini Ribbons ($15). It might be mid-year, but its never too late to re-visit your New Year’s resolution of healthy eating.

Minimum spending of $30 to enjoy 70 cents on all mains 

7. Sinpopo


You might recognise some of your favourite hawker dishes here at Sinpopo. The menu takes reference from your favourite street food, like the Sinpopo Sliced Wagyu Horfun ($18) and Baked Cod with Dao Jio Crust ($18). But whatever you do, remember to save space for their inventive desserts. Favourites include the Gula Melaka Cake ($7) and the Pandan Kaya Tart ($7).

Minimum spending of $50 to enjoy 70 cents on all mains except for the Nasi Lemak Set for 2

Do note that these deals will only be released on 11 June at Chope’s site. Full details on all participating outlets, and the exact promotional codes can be found there as well.