Maison Ikkoku’s Brunch Menu Is Full Of Galettes And Boozy Crepes

Weekends are for lazy lunches and boozy brunches, because what else is there to do when you’ve the entire weekend to chill?

Maison Ikkoku has just launched their first ever brunch menu, and while there isn’t a lot of choices besides crepes and more crepes, their galette selection is pretty extensive.

Called galettes, the french pancakes are thin, crusty cakes that are packed with savoury fillings and eggs.  You’ve got two types of savoury crepes to choose from – separated into Western or Eastern-inspired flavours.

If you’re really basic want a healthier start to your weekend, the Cheesy Avocado is full of freshly mashed avocado mixed with cheese. Sunflower seeds and dried raisins give a sweet crunch to the crepe. Definitely beats your everyday avocado on toast. You can choose to forego the egg, but we recommend getting a sunny-side-up egg with it.

Other Western-inspired crepes include Foie Gras Oo La La, Bacon & Egg, Classic Ham & Cheese, and Ratatouille.

A savoury crepe inspired by Western flavours

Over on the Eastern side, there is Chicken Up (a teriyaki chicken filling with Japanese Mayo, Wagyu Beef, Crabmeat, and Squid Bonito. We tried one of their bestsellers – the Marsala. Full of cheesy goodness, the Marsala chicken is spicy without being too overpowering.  Because I don’t usually have a heavy breakfast, the Marsala chicken felt a little too heavy to start off my day, and I was thinking how perfect the Marsala would be as a supper dish. I guess if you’re one of those who prefer a hearty breakfast, these meat-filled crepes will be right up your alley. Even though the crepes might not look like much, it is actually quite filling.

Finish your brunch with some healthy cold pressed juices or a cup of coffee (their mocha and espresso shots are pretty decent).

Crepe Suzette Whisky Aux Fraises

For desserts, you can opt for a boozy treat. We picked the Whisky Aux Fraises – a strawberry and whisky-infused crepe, and there’s also the classic Orange Martinique –  and orange liqueur-infused crepe. Maison Ikkoku recommends pairing it with either the Tenessee Fashioned or a glass of Carbenet Sauvignon.

We decided to go for the Whisky Aux Fraises. Our Crepe Suzette looks a little burnt around the edges because it actually caught on fire, but it tasted totally fine. You won’t get drunk on this dessert, but the aftertaste of the whiskey slowly creeps up your tongue thanks to the use of aged whiskey that balances out the tanginess of the strawberries.


Here’s our little secret to have a truly relaxing lazy brunch – at the little alfresco area on the second floor. It overlooks the nearby mosque and you get to busk in the sunshine. Just hope that there aren’t any smokers around, because the little outdoor nook is actually designated as the smoking seating area.


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