You Don’t Need Rose Tinted Glasses When You’ve Got Lomography’s New Purple Film

The Pantone colour of the year is Ultra Violet, and we’ve seen an explosion of all things purple from everything like clothes to wall colours and even Instagram feeds. Previously if you wanted a purple-toned photo, you had to manually edit the colours yourself in Lightroom or use a VSCO filter.

Instead of having to use a purple filter, Lomography is bringing back their popular purple film! Embrace purple with the Lomochrome Purple comes in both 35mm and 120mm formats. The purple film is only be available in extremely limited quantities, and is a fun way to play around with colour.

Shooting with a purple filter will bring out pink, red and purple tones and mute earthy tones for a very 90s, neon vibe. Red is quite a hard colour to shoot in if you want to preserve original colours, but for film enthusiasts, these quirky colours give the same photo a whole different mood! Like with every other film camera, you won’t know what to expect until your photos are developed.

If you don’t own a film camera but would still like to try the purple film, Lomography is also selling them pre-loaded in their simple use cameras. You don’t even need to worry about loading film wrongly or accidentally exposing your film because these cameras are designed for one-time use. The simple cameras even come with three Color Gel Filters for even more unpredictable photos!

Here are some images shot using purple film for some inspiration.


Here’s the price list:

2019 Lomochrome Purple 35mm Film Bundle Of 5 – $69.65
2019 Lomochrome Purple 35mm Film Bundle Of 10 – $139.30

2019 Lomochrome Purple 120 Film Bundle Of 5 – $69.65
2019 Lomochrome Purple 120 Film Bundle Of 10 – $139.30
2019 Lomochrome Purple 120 Film Bundle Of 15 – $208.95

2019 Lomochrome Purple Simple Use Film Camera Bundle Of 3 – $69.09

Preorder the purple films online from Lomography now