A Visual Journey Of Seoul during Winter, captured with Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, you’ve likely been playing with its camera. The model has one of the best camera systems in a smartphone, and now coupled with AI features, it’s like a whole photography studio in your pocket. I recently took the phone with me to Seoul, and documented my time there in Winter.

Above: Capturing scenes with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra at Incheon International Airport, seoul.

Since most of the photos I’m taking on the Galaxy S24 Ultra are for sharing on social media, I tend to select the 9:16 ratio, which fills up a mobile phone screen when posting on Instagram Stories, Reels and TikTok. I then further crop these pictures to 4:5 if they are posted on NYLON’s Instagram feed.

The key feature used for many of the following pictures is Photo Assist. I left it to Galaxy AI to make smart edits to my photos. You can find out more about Photo Assist in this video:

Tips on camera settings to use when capturing pictures with the Galaxy S24 Ultra:
— Double press the power button to instantly bring up the camera.
— Shoot in 9:16 ratio for a full screen picture.
— To shoot a photo in 200MP resolution, you have to be in Photo mode.
— Try Expert Raw mode for total control over your camera settings. If you can’t find it in the Camera app, it can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store.

Here are some of my favourite photos from Seoul.

ABOVE: Parc1, a complex of buildings in Yeouido, Seoul, South Korea.

ABOVE: x5 zoom between the Parc1 buildings.

ABOVE: Framing housing and mountains with x5 zoom between two buildings.

ABOVE: a closer look at housing complexes and mountains with x10 zoom.

Above: Dome National Assembly Building in Seoul.

Above: Gyeongbokgung Palace against a mountain backdrop.

Above: Love Padlocks at N Seoul Tower.

Above: plane landing at Incheon International Airport, seoul.

Above: fields, taken from the airplane.

Above: ships, taken from the airplane.

Above: snowy mountains and trees, taken from the airplane.

You can check out some of the portraits we took with the phone here, and follow us on Instagram to see videos on how we made smart edits to some of these pictures using the Galaxy S24 Ultra Photo Assist feature.

Galaxy AI is also available on Galaxy S23 Series, Z Fold5, Z Flip5, and Tab S9 Series.