Niacinamide: The Must-Have Ingredient For Glowing Skin

With so many confusing, hard-to-pronounce ingredients out there, it’s difficult to know which ones are actually beneficial for our skin. However, this powerful ingredient we’re about to share with you is backed up by tons of research in the medical field, so you can trust us on this. Niacinamide is often peddled as a pore-size reducer, but did you know that it can also treat acne AND prevent premature aging?

Niacinamide is derived from niacin, also known as vitamin B3. Niacin can be found in every cell of our body as it plays a crucial role in cellular energy production. Unfortunately, our bodies can only produce small quantities of it, so we usually have to turn to food sources to get our dose of B3, such as nuts, poultry, red meat, fish, and whole grains. Topically, niacinamide has anti-inflammatory, skin-brightening, and even moisturising properties. Its naturally anti-inflammatory effect helps to reduce the swelling and redness that occur when a clogged pore is inflamed, which is why this ingredient is the key to treating acne. However, it may take about 4 to 8 weeks to see the complete results, but hey, it’s much better than spamming your skin with harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, right?
This calming ingredient isn’t just beneficial for younger skin that’s burdened by acne, it’s also great for more mature skin. It stimulates cells in the dermis to form more collagen, a protein that gives your skin its youthful firmness. Niacinamide also improves dry skin by increasing the production of ceramides, keeping your skin moist and supple. Studies also showed that niacinamide was way more effective in preventing moisture loss than petrolatum, another skincare ingredient that’s touted for its moisturising properties. So, if you want to avoid products containing petrolatum, it’s best to opt for the lighter, less greasy niacinamide.
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