We Tried A Body Slimming Treatment, And This Is How It Went

First times are always a little scary – and to be honest, before our first time trying out a slimming treatment, there was quite a bit of fear and trepidation involved. We guess it was mostly a fear of the unknown, since this was really unfamiliar territory, quite unlike reviewing skincare and makeup products, or services like a facial or spa treatment.
We found ourselves doing our first-ever slimming treatment at London Weight Management, one of Singapore’s biggest names in slimming services, who’ve been in the scene since 2000. So why turn to a slimming treatment? While we’re longtime believers that true health and fitness comes from a combination of good diet and exercise, it’s also true that some parts of the body tend to just be stubborn as hell. Like thighs that refuse to get toned up no matter how many runs we go on, or love handles that don’t disappear despite cutting out suppers and artificial sugars.
And that’s where London Weight Management’s PowerSlim Treatment is supposed to come in, as it’s designed to target specific parts of the body, and break down the fats there. Each session takes about 2 hours, and are supposed to take place on a weekly basis for the best efficacy. We gave it a try, and this is what happened:

The Customisation
So… here goes. It all started off with an in-depth one-on-one talk with our consultant Michelle at the Ang Mo Kio Jubilee outlet – 45 minutes of discussing everything from our ideal weight, dietary and fitness regimes, the existence of any health concerns, and problem areas. She also explained how London Weight Management views and tackles stubborn fat in the body: fat molecules grow in size with time and age, and the bigger they are, the harder they are to get rid of. The PowerSlim treatment thus works on breaking down these fat molecules, so they can be more easily burned off.
The Measurements
London Weight Management promises a total loss of 8 to 22 cm from various parts of the body, and to prove it, the consultant will take your weight and do plenty of body measurements – almost every part from the neck down is covered. She will meticulously record it down, so you have a clear point of comparison after each treatment session.

The Seriously Soothing Steam Bath and Body Scrub

Once the treatment starts proper, the first order of things is to enter a private steam room, sit down and relax as the sweat starts to flow. This was to drain out the toxins, which the body actually reacts with to produce even more fat. After about 15 minutes in the steam room, we were led to the treatment room where our consultant proceeded to administer a lavender sea salt scrub, which besides feeling quite rejuvenating indeed, is supposed to help with draining excess water from the body, thus reducing bloating.

The Hot Blanket
From here, things start to heat up again. After being rubbed with sea salt, we were wrapped in a heated blanket for 30 minutes. This is where we started to seriously  sweat – we’re talking to the point we could feel it dripping – but yet, it was still quite easy to doze off after awhile of being wrapped in this heated cocoon.
With so much liquid having exited our body by now, we knew any water retention had been dealt with by this point. And don’t worry, you get to pop into the centre’s showers to rinse it all off after this.
The Electrical Stimulation
Here’s where it gets really interesting. An electrical muscle stimulation machine is used to basically “zap” away the fats – electrodes are placed on areas to be targeted, which send electrical stimulations to the muscles to get them working, and burn the fats in the process. We know this sounds painful, but in actuality there wasn’t any pain for us. Firstly because the consultant will make sure to adjust the intensity of the pulses such that it’s within your comfort zone; and any (slight) discomfort actually feels good, because we knew our muscles were being worked out.
After about 20 minutes, our weight and body measurements were taken again, and the comparisons were made. In total, 9cm lost overall – not too shabby at all.
The overall verdict? The service was what made the experience very easy for a first-timer: our consultant Michelle was friendly, attentive, and made the effort to explain every step of the process so we always knew what to expect.
Also, the promise of the minimum loss of 8 cm overall is quite impressive, more so when the measurements taken after the first session proved it. We can imagine how a commitment to going for regular sessions, accompanied by a good diet and exercise plan, could really help shed the kilograms. Now, to stop giving in to those late night suppers once and for all.

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