Is Olaplex The Miracle Your Hair Has Been Looking For?

By Adele Chan
It’s been a year since we last heard and wrote about Olaplex; and because I don’t colour my hair often, treatments aren’t really top of mind for me. But last week, a friend asked me about this service and whether it was good; which got me thinking about finally trying it myself.
The Olaplex service is available in many salons in Singapore, and I had mine done at Kim Robinson — as suggested by the Olaplex distributor in Singapore. Check out their space… they have “private suites” and “2-seater rooms”; this is the first time I’m stepping into Kim Robinson and I’m impressed with just the space alone.


The service is pretty good too. The staff were friendly and knew their products and services well. The technician suggested a hair colour service where Olaplex No.1 is mixed into the dye, and then the formula applied to the hair. I chose a blue-black shade for my short hair (the easiest colour to maintain!) and it turned out a glossy inky black that matches my eye makeup and all of my clothes. The second step for Olaplex is applied after shampooing and rinsing at the sink. What Olaplex claims to do, is rebuild and restore broken bonds in the hair, making the strands stronger, shinier and ultimately healthier.
I must say, Olaplex has an incredible Instagram account. The before and after examples are what will get you to try this service:

I can honestly say that I chose a good combination of a blue-black shade with the Olaplex service, because I came out of the salon with softer, healthier-looking (blue-black always works!) and more manageable hair. I could see and feel a difference to my short crop, and this was after my first (and one and only) Olaplex treatment.

I also took home Olaplex No.3 from the salon, which is a once-a-week home treatment for maintenance. In my enthusiasm, I followed Kim Kardashian’s advice and left it on overnight to see what miracles would follow the next day. To be honest, my hair didn’t look or feel much different from when I did the treatment at the salon (maybe that’s because the in-salon service fixed my hair?), but all I know is… my hair smelled fantastic.
The Olaplex service is charged at $318 at Kim Robinson.
Visit for more info on the product and service.
Kim Robinson is located at Ngee Ann City #02-12. Call 67388006 to make an appointment. And if you want to cut your hair, ask for Royjo.