You Can Still Get Cute Press' Beauty And The Beast Makeup Collection Here

We still can’t get over the Disney classic, Beauty And The Beast. Ever since last year’s live action remake of the 1991 animated film of the same name, there has been many Beauty And The Beast inspired collections from shoes to capsule collections and (of course) makeup collections. Obviously we went a little overboard fangirling over every single collaboration and we were having trouble keeping our money in our wallets (although the massive shipping fees did make it a little easier).
Amongst our finds was Cute Press, an indie Thai beauty brand that carries the most magical Disney themed collections amongst all their other makeup products. You can get their Disney collection with free shipping as long as you stay in Singapore, thanks to AIMElab. *Silently screaming* For now, we’re just gonna lust after the Beauty And The Beast Collection, although we have our eyes on their upcoming lipstick line featuring Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Beauty And The Beast True Beauty Palette, $38.90 each
Enchanted (left), Intelligent (right)
A simple yet gorgeous face palette with eight neutral shades that you can use as eyeshadows, blushers and highlighters, bring out your natural beauty with these pink and cream colours. The palette also comes with both eyeshadow applicators and mini brushes so that you can touch up your makeup at any time of the day (or night).
bab lipsticc
Beauty And The Beast Comfort Matte Liquid Lip, $19.90
Left to right: Head Over Heels, True Love, Something There, My Beast
We don’t know which one is prettier – the packaging or the colour. With rosy pinks and a darker muted red, the lipstick has a matte finish. The lipstick claims to moisturise your lips too, so you that your lips don’t get beastly cracks as the day progresses. Each of the lipsick packaging is different, as they are inspired by the name and colour. It looks like the illustrations were inspired by the 2017 live movie of the same name as Belle reminds us strongly of Emma Watson, who played the character in the movie.
Beauty And The Beast Comfort Matte Liquid Lip Box Set, $68.90
If you really want all four shades, you can opt for the boxed set, which will save you about $10. The only downside is that you don’t get the cute little packaging illustrations, instead you get a boxed set with the same illustration on the ‘My Beast’ lipstick. It’s a real hard choice here.
bab highlighere
Beauty And The Beast Romantic Light Highlighter, $15.90
Left to right: Pearl Light, Champagne Light, Moon Light

Fairytales have an air of mysteriousness and ethereal-ness about them, and the only way to really way to feel like you’re in a fairytale is through highlighters. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and highlight the heck out of your face with Pearl Light and tell us how divine you feel. There are also two other shades of highlighters for those with pinker and darker skin tones who prefer to have more natural highlights. 74599-1100px_1024x1024@2x
Beauty And The Beast Whitening And Hydrating Rose Mist, $18.90
Nothing makes you feel more unglam than sweat and the heat. Get this hydrating mist so that you can give your skin a boost when the weather is too hot. The mist contains Bulgarian Rose extract for that pleasant smell, and also Vitamin C and pure Aloe Vera Juice which provide much needed relief for irritated skin. The mist can be used over your makeup – it’s not going to smudge the makeup you spent way too long perfecting.
As if you don’t feel fabulous enough with this ethereal Beauty And The Beast Collection, you can also grab a set of AIMElab’s gorgeous makeup brushes to do the rest of your makeup with. The brushes not only look good, but are also pretty affordable. The basic set of brushes are good enough for applying your everyday makeup, and you’ll feel like a princess every single time you do your makeup.
Left to right: Unicorn Pearl Makeup Brush Set ($18.90), AIMElab! Liquid Glitter Makeup Brush Set ($32.90), AIMElab! Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set ($19.90)

The Beauty And The Beast Collection is now available on, with no additional shipping charges to Singapore addresses.