The NYLON Team Puts The FOREO LUNA mini 2 To The Test

Beauty and technology. The two worlds aren’t as miles apart as we expected, especially with the advent of beauty devices that promise spa-like experiences — a process that we can now recreate in the comfort of our bathrooms. And while we all know that every good skincare regime starts with cleansing your face, are things really as simple as that?

You’ll be surprised! These days, washing your face with your bare hands isn’t enough, not when we know how much better the alternative is.

That’s where Swedish brand, FOREO, and their line of cheery silicone facial cleansing devices, come in. The compact LUNA mini 2, for instance, effectively removes 99.5% of dirt and oil on our faces, along with makeup residue and dead skin cells, all for smoother and cleaner skin.



Since the brand’s debut as recent as 2013, they’ve been one of the fastest-growing beauty device brands, and we think we know why. Innovation. You’re getting a high-end gadget that makes cleansing as simple and intuitive as it should be.

FOREO proved a formidable competitor in a niche beauty category; their silicone devices present an advanced alternative to the then-popular facial brushes, which use nylon-bristled brush heads — these beauty innovations took off immediately, and gained such a massive following that they’ve since toppled leading brands off their market-leading pedestals. Think about it: when was the last time you saw a Clarisonic on our local shelves?


FOREO LUNA mini 2 in Pearl Pink and Mint

For one, it’s way more hygienic; the material itself resists bacteria buildup, and is 35 times more hygienic than plain old brushes. Then, think about how you won’t need to replace your brush head, ever — that itself saves on cost and convenience, while also leaving a greener impact on the environment.

The device is also gentle, suitable for all skin types, and fuss-free enough to fit into any busy lifestyle. It’s that universal. So, the only question left is: do you need one? Well, first, you gotta find out more. Then, read on to hear what the NYLON team thought!


FOREO LUNA mini 2: in Aquamarine, Fuchsia, Midnight, Pearl Pink, Sunflower Yellow, Mint


Essentially, it’s a facial cleansing device, one that uses gentle micro-pulsations to thoroughly cleanse the skin. The LUNA mini 2 though, prides itself for its hygienic silicone design — the material resists bacteria buildup, especially for something that’s left on your bathroom sink, and is 35 times more hygienic than nylon-bristled facial brushes.


The technology here has to do with T-Sonic™ pulsations — 8,000 transdermal sonic pulsations per minute, to be precise — which remove 99.5% of dirt and oil, as well as makeup residue and dead skin cells. In this way, it deeply cleanses and helps exfoliate our skin, plus treats it to a gentle massage too.

There are also 3 cleansing zones on the device — the thinner touch-points cover most of the surface, and are used for normal and sensitive skin; the thicker ones at the tip help with precision cleansing in tough spots, while the broader touch-points at the back aid with more oily skin.

As an improved version of its predecessor, the face brush and massager is now 50% larger and made with softer silicone. You can choose from 8 intensities to customise your cleansing experience.


With your skin more effectively cleansed, you’ll notice that there are fewer impurities and clogged pores that usually result in blemishes — yes, this means no pesky zits. Cleared pores also means that the later part of your skincare regime, toners and serums and moisturisers, get absorbed more easily. Use it for a minute, twice a day, and you’ll see smoother, softer, and healthier skin that looks more vibrant.


The mission, should we choose to accept it, was to use the LUNA mini 2 for about 2 weeks, and give our honest feedback after. Here’s what 6 members of the NYLON team thought!


1. Amelia Tan, Deputy Editor:

“I feel like I’m always saying this, but I’m not the most hardworking person when it comes to skincare (I try!), so having an additional step to my routine felt it could be inconvenient — until I tried it proper. I gave the LUNA mini 2 a good go for about two weeks, and was surprised how it really wasn’t that tedious an extra step at all!”

The Process

“Rather than use my hands to rinse off my face wash after lathering, I just had to pick the device up, press a quick button, and smooth it over my face; whether it was the broader areas of my cheeks or the hard-to-reach places around my nose, the device was there, gently cleansing the grime off and massaging my face in the process. I like to think it helped with blood circulation for brighter skin! Gotta admit, the pulsations felt way too intense at first, but I got used to it; it helps that I could adjust it to an intensity I was comfortable with.”

Immediate Results

“You don’t have to scrub your face hard at all, in fact, please don’t. This gadget does it effectively for you without all that extra pull and stress. My favourite part? How smooth and clean my face felt afterwards, and not in a dry, overly-cleansed way — balanced, I’d say, like my skin is in its best form of equilibrium, not oily but not stripped. Whether it was makeup or extra perspiration due to the humid weather, the LUNA mini 2 always made me feel like I stepped out of a good shower.”

Overall Results

“I was initially skeptical about the results, especially when I could only report that my skin “felt cleaner” after a couple of days, but I really noticed a difference after regularly using it for a longer period of time. Within two weeks, my pores got visibly smaller and less clogged, while blemishes were kept at bay. Seriously, I noticed some on the brink of forming, but after going over them with the device, they disappeared overnight! My face had zero breakouts the entire time. That’s more impressive than I dared think.”


2. Patrene Mathieu, Designer:

“I’m skeptical when it comes to seemingly unnecessary gadgets, which is why I was honestly surprised by how supple and smooth my skin felt after using this for the first time.”

The Process & Immediate Results

“The process of operating it is fairly straightforward even without reading the manual beforehand, though I’ll admit to not wetting the gadget on my first use (it didn’t seem to affect its function, however). I have oily skin, so I was keen to see what the broad touch-points would do, and indeed my face did feel more cleansed, though to be honest I found there to be little difference between them and the ‘normal’ touch-points on the front when I tried using the latter on my face instead.”

Overall Results

“As I continued to use it, I was starting to attribute the aftereffects of its use as more of a placebo effect as opposed to it actually doing anything beneficial to my skin. In fact, the cleanser I use probably helps to contribute to the sensation, as I’ve tried with another cleanser for the sake of trial and the effects were not quite as pleasant, but not terrible either — I just think that I could have achieved the same amount of cleansing with my bare hands, as well. Having said that, the silicone exterior does feel like a gentle massage as opposed to the rough brushes skincare gadgets are usually armed with. Perhaps I would see the true benefits of this product if I continue to use it.”


3. Shazrina Shamshudin, Writer:

“With the rise of aesthetic dermatology, I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect cleansing routine. Previously, I got myself the Clarisonic Brush to bump up my skincare regime in hope that it would clear my skin from all the dirt, oil and grime that I was exposed to. I felt that it was a little harsh on my skin, as it was literally scrubbing my entire face. It sort of did its job but after a few weeks, my skin started breaking out and I wasn’t sure if it was the brush or the intensity I switched it on to, and so I stopped using it.

From then on, I stopped using facial cleansing brushes, which explains why I was quite apprehensive to try the FOREO LUNA mini 2. Nonetheless, after giving it a shot, it’s safe to say that I’m genuinely impressed by this product. There was no major transformation but my skin definitely cleared up after using it.”

The Process

“I usually have a full-face of makeup on everyday and removing it at the end of the day can be a hassle, which is why I swear on my double cleansing routine to remove all the gunk off my face before sleeping. I used the LUNA mini 2 every night with Simple’s Gel Cleanser for 2 weeks, alongside a powder cleanser by ORBIS after every 2 nights.”

Immediate Results

“I know how daily exfoliation can be bad for your skin because it might strip the skin from its natural oils, but I didn’t experience that with the FOREO LUNA mini 2. In fact, it didn’t leave my skin with that “squeaky clean” feeling at all — which of course, deserves two thumbs up on my list. Of course, just like all cleansing routines, it’s important to at least tone and moisturise after, so that you can give your skin some TLC that it well deserves.”


4. Michelle Ng, Writer:

The Process

“The LUNA mini 2 is palm-sized, and pretty easy to grip. The round tip also makes for easier cleansing around my nose area. I feel that using the device made me put in more effort when cleansing my face as I would make sure that I go over every inch of my face with the device (although I don’t really notice much difference in my skin). My favourite feature was the pause every 15 seconds, which lets me know if I’m cleansing one area of my face for too long so that I won’t over-exfoliate.”

Overall Results

“To be very honest, you could probably achieve the same results with a face brush or a very thorough cleansing, but having a pulsating device do all the work for me was so much easier.”


5. Jermine Chua, Editorial Assistant:

“Facial cleansing devices are not new in the skincare market. Truth is, I’ve never intended to purchase one because I’ve always thought that washing with my hands would be sufficient.”

The Process & Overall Results

“After using the LUNA mini 2 for more than a week and twice a day, I won’t lie and say that there was a drastic difference to my skin. However, it definitely made my cleansing regime much easier and more convenient. One difference I did notice though is that the pores around my nose are less visible now — I assume it’s due to this device as I didn’t use any new facial products recently. It also doesn’t feel harsh on my skin, which was something I was initially concerned about.”

Other Benefits

“Another thing that attracted me to this product was this one doesn’t have the brush head that you’d have to replace every few months. It’s also more hygienic, while its size also makes it travel-friendly (bonus point!). Although it is on the pricier side, I’d say, you should get it if you’re considering a cleansing device anyway! With the benefits of a long battery life, its anti-microbial material, and how  it gets the job done, there’s really nothing to complain about.”


6. Yen Shuen, Editorial Assistant:

“The difference between the LUNA mini 2 and other cleansing devices (namely: those with bristles), is that this is made out of silicone and is great for people with sensitive skin.”

The Process & Immediate Results

“I used it almost every day, and missed out on two days because I forgot to bring the device into the shower with me. Yes, it’s 100% waterproof in case you’re wondering! The silicone brush provides deep cleansing and is gentle on my skin, fulfilling its purpose and proving to be a great device.

With only 3 buttons to press, (on/off, + and -) the device is really a no-brainer. I had such an easy and fun time giving myself a mini facial. My favourite feature is the fact that the pulsations will pause every 15 seconds, to signal you to move on to another area of your face. Crazily convenient. Also, my skin felt lighter with each cleanse, and did I mention how cute the colours are?!”


FOREO LUNA mini 2, $225, available at FOREOSephora and