Roxxlyn Kickstarter Campaign Presents Eyewear Made Of Stone

Do you buy your tech accessories from places like Daiso and flea markets? Would you really trade durability and aesthetics for a cheaper and more convenient alternative? Well, put away your $2 phone cases for a day, and let Roxxlyn change your mind.

Roxxlyn works towards the goal of creating sustainable pieces, at the same time, uncompromising on the quality and design. The German company specialises in producing tech accessories with genuine minerals and materials like granite, quartz, marble and slate.

The natural stones are thinly carved and put together to create luxurious cases, clutches, watches, and Macbook skins. One of their best-selling products is the Real Polished Stone Phone Case. And now, they are introducing a new Kickstarter campaign: The Roxxlyn Eyewear Collection.

Featuring modern silhouettes, the eyewear combines high-quality stone and sleek stainless steel. The stones are less than one millimetre thin and extremely light, which means no extra weight on your nose bridge! Each pair is hand-crafted in Germany, and you can even create your individual pair with the website’s realtime-configurator.

The tinted and gradient lenses have an anti-reflective coating and they filter out UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Roxxlyn has created 5 different models for you to choose from, and each one exudes a certain kind of elegance.


The Eloise model features a contrast of honey gold and cool black. With 100% UV protection on the grey tinted lenses, Eloise is a casual city look for everyone.


If you’re wondering, yes, cat-eye is still in. This pair looks elegant and classy, with a black-and-gold stainless steel frame and marbled texture. Perfect for simple outfits.


With a rounder frame, this model is great for small and medium-sized faces. And just like the previous two models, this pair of sunglasses are made of real stone and marble.


This timeless piece comes with only half a frame, but still the same amount of stylishness. Pair it with a tuxedo or denim to complete your outfit.


Made of the finest stainless steel, this silhouette is smart and fashionable. We love how they have constructed something so chic for toning down colourful outfits.


The Roxxlyn Eyewear Collection can only come to life if it reaches its goal of over $11,000 by 20th December 2018. It’s all or nothing.