Places To Donate Your Clothes After You “KonMari” Your Closet

Decluttering isn’t pretty. You, unorganised queen, are familiar with the stops adjacent to attempting to purge your wardrobe: you’re clutching (1) that dress you only wore once to your BFF’s birthday, (2) a pair of sneakers you forgot you even had and (3) your phone as you’re hopelessly checking for Instagram updates on the upcoming collection from your favourite store.

We’re taking a hint from professional organiser, Marie Kondo, on this one. Just like her Netflix series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo where she helps others tackle the clutter with her KonMari method, we’re extending the same courtesy to you… and more. After you have tearfully removed unwanted items that no longer serve a purpose in your lives (read: spark joy), don’t be so quick to chuck them away.

If you wish to take your goodwill to the next level, we’ve rounded up a few places you can donate your clothes in Singapore after a good KonMari sesh. Here’s another push: These brands are committed to sustainable fashion and giving every piece of clothing a second chance at life!

Here are our top picks!



In terms of killing two birds with one stone by donating your clothes of yesteryear and earning back a little pocket money, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal than that of Refash. Through their sustainability ethos, the brand welcomes you to drop off your brand new or second-hand items and they will help you sell them in their storefronts! However, through our experiences, they reject quite a number of your less fashionable items.

The only caveat: The dollar bills you earn through the donation process can only be used back at their selected stores (for more shopping), and is not available to be withdrawn as cash.

For more information, visit Refash.



There are a few donation centre options in town, but here you can get rewarded with shopping vouchers when you drop your bag of unwanted clothing in the recycling box at any H&M store. The brand also launches a yearly collection of sustainable pieces that incorporate materials like recycled silver and regenerated nylon fibre from fishnets.

The biggest draw that makes H&M our new favourite destination to recycle is how their Garment Collection Program initiative accepts all textiles, any brand and any condition. After being sorted into categories (rewear, reuse, recycle), the clothes undergo a textile reprocessing and await their new lease of life.

For more information, visit H&M.



Educational activities, textile recycling qualities aside, one attraction of Greensquare is that they can collect your recyclables right at your doorstep for free! The items will then be categorised according to material and future usage and sold to textile importers in various developing countries. Textiles that can’t be reused will then be recycled as industrial cleaning cloth. The entire process helps to reduce environmental pollution by reducing the amount of trash we contribute to our landfills!

They also recently joined forces with Style Theory! From now till 28 Jan 2019, you can visit their pop-up store located at NomadX @ Plaza Singapura and donate your items there as well.

For more information, visit Greensquare and Style Theory.



In all honesty, New2u Thrift Shop doesn’t maintain that trendy, “this is the fashion destination the Gen Z kids visit” vibe compared to those stated above. Though, they often host mini bazaars, hawk fashion wares such as clothes, shoes, jewellery, and the proceeds from the goods donated contribute to various Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation initiatives.

For more information, visit SCWO.


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