These Luxury Sneakers Are Calling And We’re Answering

The thing about this chunky sneaker (and sometimes ugly) style is that you either love it or you loathe it, there isn’t much of a scale in-between — these luxury sneakers, from Givenchy and Moschino to Maje and Christian Louboutin, receive just as many haters as they do fans. C’est la vie.

luxury sneakers

Alas, with the onslaught of new sneaker emails and a recently “KonMari-ed” closet, we’re serving up a guide of (read: hella expensive) luxury sneakers for those with champagne taste — should you have the dough to spare.



You didn’t think you’d get through a lavish sneaker feature without hitting a Christian Louboutin, did you? This Run Loubi Run collection has a penchant for luxe-meets-sporty with its bedazzled design such as hand-applied jewels and technical foams for a maximum cushioning effect. With touches like spike detailing and neoprene socks, these are made for Instagram. Seriously.

Available online at and in the Christian Louboutin boutiques.



Moschino’s iteration of the chunky sneaker (cue iconic Teddy Shoes) was such an instant hit, it’s now available in a multitude of bright colours and fabrications including 5 different sole colour variations: blue, red, pink, white and black. With the teddy bear shape rubber sole also making a comeback, it’s equal parts avant-garde and sporty with a touch of — is that shoe way too cute to wear?

Available online at and Moschino boutiques.



Already worn by the likes of Gigi Hadid, keeping it clean over here are the Maje W20 Urban leather sneakers. The puffy silhouette and aesthetics of layered chunky rubber aside, we doubt your feet will be mad at a highly cushioned insole. Sign us up. 

Available online at and Maje boutiques.



For the less risk-averse, a classic white sneaker has always been a shoe-rotation regular. With a sleek silhouette and crisp white laces, minimalist is your middle name with these Givenchy kicks.

Available online at and Givenchy boutiques.