Channel Your Inner ’90s Style With The adidas OZWEEGO Sneakers

First impressions count and for true sneakerheads, these start from the feet then go all the way up. What you put on your feet says a lot about you, but you know what’ll make others do a double take? Kick-ass, standout sneaks paired with a perfectly complementary outfit.

With ’90s fashion trends making an undeniable comeback, it’s high time to feast your eyes on these old school kicks, radically reinvented by adidas. Harking back to the era of popular chunky dad sneakers, the Falcon and Yung-96 sneakers have been refreshed with bold, vibrant and expressive colourways.


The adidas OZWEEGO ($180) silhouette releases on June 22 at adidas Originals at Pacific Plaza.

But the comeback kid of ’90s fashion? Undoubtedly the OG – the OZWEEGO. First glance and it screams I’m from the ‘90s! at you with its nostalgic white colourway splashed with solar yellow and blue accents. Such outlandish. Much ’90s. And always in maximum comfort with adiPRENE and adiPRENE+ in the midsole. Put these babies on and anyone with any streetwear knowledge will be breaking their necks as they walk past.

To help you out, we’ve put together a styling guide with other pieces from adidas that’ll surely get y’all ‘90s Destiny’s Child jumpin’ jumpin’.

1. For the 2019 Dwayne Johnson


This outfit brings together key fashion trends from the 1990s and  IT. IS. FIRE. The glue holding it all together? adidas’ distinctive OZWEEGO sneakers. You can’t get more ’90s than this – a street culture-embracing chunky silhouette, matched with large oversized graphic tees, an oh-so-’90s fanny pack and bucket hat. Sport these and you’ll be looking as fly as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

1. bodega super a tee, $40
4. V-DAY BUCKET HAT, $26.25
5. OZWEEGO silhouette (available june 22), $180
6. basic pouch, $79


2. For the ultimate hypebae


The 1990s did little to stop the 1980s neon-bright aerobics fashion craze from bleeding over to its era. For a footwear complement to this retro palette, the OZWEEGO’s vivid pops of solar yellow are perfectly apt. Throw in a holographic or a fluorescent orange bag and you’re more than ready to vibe it up like it’s the ’90s.

1. track jacket, $97.50
2. BRILLIANT basic bra top, $45
3. trefoil baseball cap, $30
4. classic backpack, $110
5. OZWEEGO silhouette (available june 22), $180
6. FEstival bag, $35

3. For the next Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Anything and everything neon was the rage back then, and if you slapped it on a windbreaker, even more so. Plus, in our opinion, none rocked the neon windbreaker better than the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Put on a pair of the ’90s chunky adidas Yung-96 Chasm sneakers and you’ll be every bit bold and brash as the decade before. Make sure you finish off the look with a classic drawstring bag and the revived snapback. Soon your buddies will be giving you mad props for looking hella rad.

1. trefoil hoodie, $82.50
2. Coach jacket, $112.50
3. trefoil gym sack, $25
4. adicross climacool pants, $149
5. snapback trefoil cap, $35
6. yung-96 chasm shoes, $150

4. For your inner Sporty Spice


Since the Spice Girls are on their reunion tour, what better way to serve up ’90s realness than to bring back Sporty Spice’s iconic look? Pair a good fitting crop top with stylised track pants, classic adidas tracksuit and the retro adidas Falcon – you’ll look sporty yet stylish. ’90s yet trendy. A win-win!

1. cropped tee, $40
2. track jacket, $97.50
3. c40 Climate cap, $25
4. 3d gym sack, $55
5. believe this 3-stripes 3/4 pants, $70
6. convertible 3-stripes duffel bag extra small, $40
7. falcon shoes, $150


The adidas OZWEEGO ($180) silhouette releases on June 22 at the adidas Originals store at Pacific Plaza.