Quirky Eyewear For Your Little Monsters: Gentle Monster’s First Kids Collection

When you hear “Gentle Monster”, you’d probably think of wacky and stylish eyewear that most people would not be able to pull off. Honestly.

What happens when these quirky eyewear shrink in size, to sizes made for the little ones?

It seems like self-expression in children now goes beyond crayons and stickers with Gentle Monster launching their first Kids Collection!


Shrinking six of their signature designs from their 2019 collection ’13’, this collection was introduced to support kids in expressing their unique individuality.

These eyewear might be smaller in size but I think we can all agree that they make a bigger statement. I mean, look at Coco (@coco_pinkprincess) donning these glasses β€” why do they look twice as cool on a kid?!

With Instagram worming its way into a big part of everyone’s lives, you might have noticed the influx of fashion-forward Instagrammers on your feed. While you might be used to adults flexing their trendiest pieces, you might be new to fashionable kids like Coco.



If you’d like to turn your little ones into fashion icons too, you might want to snag a pair from the collection:


It looks like we will be seeing more little fashionistas around and we aren’t complaining.


For more information, visit gentlemonster.com.