8 Nail Art Designs To Consider For Your Next Set This Summer

With summer well and truly here, hitting the refresh button on your wardrobe would (and should) be the first thing on your to-do list. New clothes, new shoes, new makeup, and the list goes on… But if there’s one thing that many of us tend to forget, it’d have to be giving our nails the same love and attention that it deserves.

We know, picking the right design and nail polish can be a tough feat nowadays, especially with the diverse range of options to choose from — but whoever said it was impossible to find the perfect nail look obviously hasn’t seen any of these designs. From Netflix-inspired nail art to fresh takes on negative space, here are some nail art inspos for you to consider to outfit your nails in this summer.


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Binge-watched the third season of Stranger Things yet? If you can’t get enough of the series, then this design — that pays tribute to Eleven and Hopper’s shirts in the show — should be your next go-to to shake up your look.


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Ah Zabenya! Just out last week, Disney’s highly anticipated “The Lion King” has finally hit theatres and if you’re just as excited as we are about the movie, then you’d definitely dig this art piece. Inspired by the iconic scene from the beloved animated classic, give your nails a new ‘do with this majestic and vibrant colour palette of the sun rising in the horizon.


‘Paint it Gold’ nail wraps by Nodspark x Some Days at Home, $15. Available at online at Nodspark. (Photo Courtesy)

Pressed for time? Get these nails under 5 with Nodspark’s very own nail polish wraps. They have a ton of options to choose from, but our favourite picks include this ‘Paint It Gold’ design — a collaboration with Nodspark and Some Days At Home (a passion project by Melissa C. Koh).


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Solid coloured nails a little too basic for your liking? Add dimension to your nails with an iridescent chrome polish instead.

These magical shifting colours of fire opal make the perfect suit if you’re looking for nails that pop! The gold flash of iridescence tints the pink to almost a purple — giving it an opalescent look that’s subtle in some lighting and stunning in others.


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A cool riff on gradient nails: Work with the same undertones and start with the darkest shade on your thumb (or even your pinky)!


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Whatever your nail-art aesthetic is, an edgy and minimal design like this, never goes out of style. It’s always on-trend and timeless — it’s basically the safest choice you can get out there without going overboard when it comes to its design. All you need is a solid black base, and a few lines down your nails from your cuticle. In other words: The possibilities and combinations are endless.


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Skip the base coats, babes. If you’re looking for something that’s more abstract and fresh, this negative space art design is the best way to jazz up your look. This beige and black combo are as classic as it gets — the perfect median with a modern appeal that’s reinventing the nail art scene this summer.


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We’re always talking about achieving that My Lips But Better (MLBB) or No Makeup Makeup look, but what about our nails? If you’re one who prefers something that’s more subtle and classy, then you’ll definitely love these silver accented nails.

It’s basically a fresher take on the classic french mani. The difference? The futuristic metals at the tips — taking your plain base to the next level.