CHARLES & KEITH’s Fall 2019 Collection Is Here — And Models Hailey Bieber And Xiao Wen Ju Are The Campaign Faces

CHARLES & KEITH is known for its chic and classy accessories that are both modern yet timeless, and this collection is no different. You might be even more inspired when you hear who they’ve got on board their Fall campaign too — this season, they’ve teamed up with international supermodels Hailey Bieber And Xiao Wen Ju for their new launch of fashion-forward pieces.

It’s quite exciting to see a homegrown fashion brand become big enough to attract such internationally renowned faces and, like us, you’ve got to be beaming with pride upon knowing its significance too. Talk about #SingaporePride!


The Faces

The Fall collection celebrates strong modern women who stand out from the crowd, so it makes sense why these two top-rated models were chosen. Both ladies have huge and loyal followings on their social media because of their authentic personality and impeccable style. 



Hailey Bieber is also a television personality and social media influencer with more than 20 million followers on Instagram. She is a regular on the fashion runways during Fashion Week, walking for big-named brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana. Additionally, her street-meets-glam personal style is often an inspiration to the media and her large online following.



Chinese model Xiao Wen Ju is a fashion industry seasoner who has been modeling since 2010. If she seems familiar, it may be because you have seen her distinctive face on Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and ad campaigns for adidas, Dior and Marc Jacobs (becoming the first Chinese to front the designer’s campaign). Not only does she have a magnetic personality, but she also has an inimitable sense of style. 

The Collection

Based on a pared-down design philosophy, the colour palette of the collection consists of pleasing neutral shades with pops of subtle accent hues. The fun is in the prints and shapes. The collection is versatile with unique designs and shapes, made for women who love fashion and are not afraid to experiment with it. 

From thigh-high vinyl boots to houndstooth slip-on sneakers, there are shoes for any kind of experimentation you would want to do. As for the bags, mini bags take the spotlight. We’re a big fan of the Croc-effect Chunky Chain Handle Mini Bag, which is also coincidentally Hailey Beiber’s favourite item in the collection.




One of the defining elements of this collection is the use of croc leather (not to worry, it’s faux leather). It is heavily featured on the majority of the pieces in the collection and we’ve got to say; we’re into it. The pattern is a classic when it comes to animal prints, so it feels very timeless and is subtle enough to match any item in the wardrobe.



Another uncommon but definitely welcomed print is the houndstooth pattern that is featured on a few key pieces. The pattern is certainly more visually interesting than its cousin, gingham (sorry, gingham). We love how there are options for how much of the pattern we want in outfits. You can choose to have just a sliver of houndstooth like in the shoes, or go all out with a fully-patterned houndstooth bag to stand out in an outfit.



We all love an all-white or all-black piece for the ultimate versatile accessory so we’re pretty excited by the many different items they have launched in this collection in these two colours. Even with such a classic colour scheme, the items look interesting and chic due to their odd and unique shapes. A lot of the shoes feature non-conventional heels, which are pretty nifty too.



A trend we have noticed is the heavy usage of earth tones in this collection. It makes sense when you think about it since it is, after all, a Fall / Winter drop. The moss green, warm browns and tan colours are perfect for a Fall wardrobe and the soft textured finish of the pieces just accentuate that feel even more.


The CHARLES & KEITH Fall 2019 collection is currently available online and in stores.