First Look at Dior’s New Forever Perfect Cushion 2019

Whenever Dior launches a new foundation, my heart skips a beat. Every foundation they’ve launched in the past few years has worked incredibly well for me (perfect complexion from start to end of day! No uncomfortable feeling and no oiliness). My all-time favourite is the Dior Forever Skin Glow liquid foundation that I reviewed earlier this year and is still my go-to today. This week, I received the upcoming Forever Perfect Cushion that’s launching soon on 5th August; and from what I understand, its formula is similar to the Forever Skin Glow foundation, but in a cushion format.

The last cushion Dior had was the Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion (launched in 2018), and it’s so good, I’m currently on my fourth refill for it. This new one is said to be more hydrating, longer-lasting and with more skin-caring ingredients. Here’s a comparison in pictures:


ABOVE: THE FRONT OF THE product IS like a SOFT PLUSH QUILTEd cushion with the brand’s iconic monogram

ABOVE: the cushion is very slim — for a cushion! my favourite new feature of this product!

ABOVE: the puff is soft and spongey

ABOVE: the word “forever” is embossed on the top of the lid

ABOVE: the cushion in shade 2n

ABOVE: a comparison of the new and previous dior cushions

ABOVE: the most obvious difference is the thickness of the case. the new one is much slimmer.

ABOVE: the new cushion has a bigger mirror than the previous one! i measured.

So what makes the formula so special? The press release states that there’s a complex of polymers that keeps the colour fresh and true throughout the day (and night), and creates a fine, lasting film over the skin that doesn’t fade.

The finish is a luminous matte — the finish of choice in most popular foundations now. There are super fine matte powders that lend to the natural matte finish, and a weightless, sheer texture. Flat mica particles offer subtle shine (more like light reflection, which is better), and there are also lightweight oils that also result in a beautiful, healthy glowing effect.

Included skincare ingredients include wild pansy (which is moisturising), and rose fruit extract (the key ingredient that combats external stressors and reduces the appearance of pores).

The brand recommends taking this new cushion on-the-go (of course), and using it for touch-ups over the Dior Forever Fluid Foundations. But you know what… both the liquid foundations and cushions from Dior are so good, I’ve never had a need to really touch-up during the day. But of course everyone’s skin type is different, so do whatever your skin needs.

If you also want to spring for something even fancier, there’s a new liquid foundation from Dior Prestige that’s launching September 1st, and has the brand’s signature La Micro-Huile de Rose ingredient inside, which the brand touts as a “nutritional supplement” for tired skin. The formula also includes 20 precious micro-nutrients (minerals, omegas 3 and 6, vitamin E), rose micro-pearls enriched with gold that give skin a luminous sheen, and SPF25 PA+++.

ABOVE: THE GORGEOUS BOTTLE OF Dior Prestige Le Micro-Fluide Teint de Rose

ABOVE: THE PRODUCT COMES WITH A dense and fluffy kabuki BRUSH AS WELL that is easy to use and perfect for the application of this liquid foundation


Dior Forever Couture Perfect Cushion, $92, available in 6 shades in Singapore: Neutral — 0N, 1N, 2N and 3N / Cool Rosy — 1CR / Warm — 1W; at all Dior counters from 5 August 2019.
Dior le micro-fluide teint de rose, $155, available in 4 shades in Singapore: 0N, 1N, 2N and 3N; at all Dior counters from 1 september 2019.