Taste The Rainbow With An Unexpected Fall / Winter 2019 Trend

It’s well past Pride Month and we’re inching closer to colder months but it seems like the fashion world is not ready to let go of the rainbow trend yet. In fact, seems like designers and brands are taking it up a notch and showcasing the trend prominently in their Fall / Winter runway shows. And really, can you blame them? Just because summer is ending, it doesn’t mean we have to leave our sunny disposition behind and surrender to the browns and neutrals hues if you don’t want to. 

If you want to go all out and wear every colour of the rainbow from top to bottom, you do you but here are some suggestions on how you can incorporate the trend in more subtle ways through the accessories. 

Walk On The Rainbow

Known for the classic red soles on his shoes, Christian Louboutin is definitely taking us by surprise by going ham on the colours for his Fall / Winter Collection. While the shoes retain their iconic red soles, the bright vibrant hues steal the spotlight and are sure to make the shoes a focal point in any outfits. 


Christian Louboutin Degratissimo Rainbow Platform Sandals, $1,660


If the Degratissimo Rainbow Platform Sandals seem familiar to you, it’s probably because Taylor Swift wore them in her latest music video “You Need To Calm Down”, in support of the LGBTQ+ community. While you likely won’t be strutting in them in a swimsuit like Tay Tay, we think the shoes would look pretty cute with a nice cocktail dress in a complementary colour. 

Christian Louboutin Degradouce Rainbow Red Sole Slide Sandals, $1,110

If you love the design of the rainbow panels of wavy suede and veau velours but don’t want to struggle with the height of the platform heels, Degradouce Rainbow Red Sole Slide Sandals may be more your speed. Sitting atop a 55mm half-moon heel, these open-toe slides feature the mule design for a more current look. 

Christian Louboutin Degradama Suede Slingback Flats, $1,200

Of course, you can also go with the Degradama Suede Slingback Flats for ultimate comfort and ease. Made in Italy, this slip-on pair is finished with a pointed toe and slingback strap. They are the perfect pair of flats to make a ‘classic skinny jeans and plain blouse’ outfit pop. 

Baby Steps

If you’re not ready to fully plunge into this loud trend, you can give it a try with even more subtle options.

Nicholas Kirkwood Leeloo Patent Leather Sandals, $1,010


Nicholas Kirkwood’s Leeloo patent leather sandals feature the strappy designs that have been heavily featured on the runways this season but they are also too pretty for words. The unexpected accents such as the turquoise lining and metallic purple plated heels give an elegant but eclectic vibe. Style with flowy jewel tones pieces to bring out the shimmer of the heels.  


Rene Caovilla Strass Swirl Up Pump, $2,048


An addition to the #CaovillaRAINBOW! Collection, the Rene Caovilla Strass Swirl Up Pump is made from satin strewn with tiny crystals. In iridescent pastel shades, the heels are giving us major mermaid vibes, especially with the ankle straps that twist up the legs. 

Carry The Joy

Maybe everyday life is wearing you down or you just simply love how easily bright colours can cheer you up; regardless, you might want to try these statement-making bags as a placebo happy pill. 


Christian Louboutin Marie Jane Rainbow Suede Bucket Bag, $3,438

Christian Louboutin’s Marie Jane Rainbow Suede Bucket Bag is another ROYGBIV-inspired piece that would look really cute with any outfits and make for easy styling. 

Hunting Season Trunk Nappa Box, $1,317

Hunting Season’s Trunk Nappa Box is crafted in an oval silhouette with a crossbody strap and make for a high-quality and spacious bag to carry all your belongings. It also gives a more polished vibe with its much more muted tones compared to the other items in this list. 

Bedazzle Yourself With Pops Of Colour

Jewellery is the most versatile and easiest way to try out a trend and we recommend giving these accessories a go. They are sure to make a statement (or at least, a few words).


Ooak ‘Bitch Please’ earrings, $340
Ooak ‘I Love Me’ earrings, $186

Ooak’s latest jewellery pieces such as the ‘Bitch Please’ and ‘I Love Me’ earrings are perfect for a day when you want to tell the world how you’re feeling without speaking a word. An added bonus; they come in cute bright colours so others know you’re being nice.


Joanna Laura Constantine Gold Plated Tribale Hand Bracelet, price not available

If you’re still mourning over Marvel Endgame ending and need something to tide you over until Phase 4 begins, go for this Joanna Laura Constantine Gold Plated Tribale Hand Bracelet. From far away, it reminds us of the Infinity Gauntlet and stones (well, only 4 of them).


All the pieces listed in this blog are available on On Pedder as part of their Autumn Winter 2019 Collection.