Do These Vulva Care Products Deliver On Their Promises? We Put Them To The Test

If you were lucky enough to have a healthy sex-ed talk with your mom like a few of us were, you’d probably be familiar with the stops adjacent to vaginal health station by now: you have regular gynaecologist checkups, you know the steps towards safe sex, and you understand that voicing your concerns on topics like UTI’s or intimate grooming are nothing to be ashamed of.

And while we’ve come a long way in terms of intimate grooming/care, one brand has kickstarted our foray into the world of luxury care for your vulvas: Two Lips. Some may find their products a tad controversial — after all, they’re used for an area that needs no beautification — but we put aside our reservations and did a test drive on their range of vulva care products.

vulva care

Is it a stretch as beauty writers to say that we’re willing to try almost any beauty product that claims to work wonders? No doubt — which is why for the past 2 weeks we subjected ourselves to applying sheet masks and serums to our face and vulva. Sure, some may not buy into the notion of “bringing out that glow from within” and “staying spotless and keeping a clean slate”: the underlying subtext of needing your vulva to fit into that desired Pantone could promote unnecessary insecurities.

Come pubic hair ingrowns, shaving mishaps, and chafing, it is only natural that your genitals incur minor “imperfections.” However, we heard you could even use their vulva care products on your face. We’re sceptical but intrigued. Aside from the vulva mask, we tried every product on my precious visage as well.

Could the Two Lips range be our new signature intimate care routine, or one to be hidden deep in the depths of our bedside table? Here’s what we think.

Blackout, $28

vulva care

What is it: Activated charcoal vulva mask
What it claims: To soothe, detoxify, brighten and moisturise the vulva

The items in your nightstand are often solid indicators of the type of person you are; or at least how you desire to be perceived via your Instagram stories. Passport = jetsetter, an autobiography book = insightful, sheet masks for your vulva = hard-worker.

Instant satisfaction is rarely applicable to skincare, no matter how promising your $100 serum is. The exception? Quite possibly a sheet mask. Supercharged with hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and ylang-ylang, the activated charcoal vulva mask is also said to brighten and even the skin tone on your vulva within 20 minutes.

“I had just 10 days for this experiment, which is too short of a duration to possibly do justice to the masks’ claims, however, it managed to soothe and keep me feeling refreshed within the limited time frame, especially using it after my regular IPL session. The charcoal vulva mask was marketed to “brighten dull skin and even out skin tone”. I didn’t see a difference in this regard. However, with a generous amount of serum infused into the mask, I thought the formula felt hella thick and that my skin drank it up.” — Sinead, Writer

Pout, $180

vulva care

What is it: Hyaluronic acid hydrating serum
What it claims: To keep your vulva hydrated

Don’t let the compact size fool you — this hydrating offering is supposedly a moisture magnet powerhouse. With every pump, its powerful formula maintains skin moisture levels and plumps up the skin from within.

“Hyaluronic Acid as an ingredient is incredibly beneficial to the skin (it attracts and holds water in the skin, resulting in reduced wrinkles, redness and improved dermatitis). There are many skincare products that include Hyaluronic Acid, but this serum is truly remarkable; it dispenses like a jelly drop on the skin, beautifully spreads over skin easily, and absorbs in seconds. The difference in skin is immediate and noticeable — plumper, hydrated and more comfortable. This makes a fantastic soother after a bikini wax or sun tanning.” — Adele, Editor-in-Chief

Undercover, $120

What is it: Peptide 36 anti-blemish cream
What it claims: Reduce pigmentation and even out your skin tone

Vulvas or facial complexions that wish to rejuvenate its slightly dull self might just stand to benefit from this product. Think a lightweight, cream that adheres to the blemishes on our skin all while calming, moisturising, and evening out the skin tone thanks to the insertion of Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-36 (in short: it inhibits melanin production that causes pigmentation).

“This cream comes out like a drop of white gel, and swipes across skin like a lightweight emulsion that is cooling and soothing at the same time, disappearing and absorbing into skin rapidly. A few days of using this (coupled with Diamond and Pout) resulted in more even-toned and textured skin, which was a pleasant surprise considering I wasn’t expecting to see anything for weeks.” — Adele, Editor-in-Chief

Diamond, $150

What is it: Gentle vitamin c brightening serum
What it claims: Improves skin elasticity and promotes brighter skin

Relentless in its pursuit — whether it is wrinkles or sagging skin — it spares no one. But if you’re desperate to get a leg up in the anti-ageing game, this brightening serum is formulated to improve skin elasticity, preserve hydration and deliver on brighter, glowing skin. It is right there in its name: designed to brighten as well as encourage collagen production with its unique blend of vitamin C and brightening botanicals. To sum up? Brighter skin tone and noticeably tighter skin after religious use.

“I love Vitamin C serums and use them daily on my face, so I was keen to try this particular one that can be used everywhere. Its main ingredient Ascorbyl Glucoside is a water-soluble stable form of Vitamin C that smooths and brightens skin, and is a good Vitamin C to use if you have sensitive skin. This product is like a burst of water on the skin; it is colourless and completely fragrance-free, and dries down into a matte texture that is silky smooth. If you want your nether regions to look as radiant as your face — whether or not you have someone to impress and show it off to — this serum is a good start. But be realistic and don’t expect overnight results; give it at least five continuous days of use.” — Adele, Editor-in-Chief

Bumpps, $130

vulva care

What is it: Sebum-control serum
What it claims: It treats blemishes, rashes, sores and wounds, while keeping the skin moisturised

The brand’s latest vulva care serum means serious business — it promises to fight inflammation from common ailments like ingrown hairs and even promotes skin healing. Add to that? Users can expect well-hydrated and less oily T-zones skin with sustained use.

“I’m actually really loving the ingredients in this product: Arrowroot Extract that does so many wondrous things — it absorbs oil and sebum, softens skin, dries out and heals blemishes, and even reduces odours; Chamomile that decongests clogged pores, is calming and soothing, and has antiseptic and anti-oxidant properties; and Tea Tree Leaf Oil that is also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

Based on this powerful formula, there’s no reason for this product not to do what it claims to do — control sebum production and relieve and prevent blemishes. The texture is like a drippy oil so I would suggest putting a drop on the finger first and then smoothing it over whatever area needs it. I tried this on the face over my t-zone and had no bad reactions (good start), and did notice small bumps over those areas reduce in size overnight. I would recommend this for private areas that are breaking out (even under the bra line); this product is pricey but a little does go a long way, so you can use this sparingly and make the 50ml tube last.” — Adele, Editor-in-Chief