Tuck Into kāi’s Latest Line Of Accessories — The Sushi Collection

I’m a sucker for anything novelty, but sometimes cute can be a little kitschy. This certainly isn’t the case for the newest kāi collection — all we see is sushi, and we’re sold.



Homegrown label kāi has created their most delicious collection yet! Founded by our 2019 February/March cover girl Christabel Chua (a.k.a. @bellywellyjelly), these accessories pay homage to Japanese favourites, and were made to be shown off.


Salmon Sushi Pouch ($58)


First up — the Salmon Sushi Pouch. A replica of the beloved salmon nigiri, this bold orange and white pouch bears adorable white detailing, portraying the texture of salmon sashimi we all know and love. While it’s undoubtably cute, there’s also a slight elegance to the pouch, and we think it’s perfect for a night out. With a pouch this distinct, you could never leave it behind.


Tamago Sushi Pouch ($58)


Hard to imagine anything cuter than the Salmon Sushi Pouch, right? Well, think again! The Tamago Sushi Pouch is next-level kawaii, with a black strip representing seaweed to match! Like its salmon counterpart, it’s designed to hold your everyday essentials — cash, cards, maybe soy sauce packets for your next sushi run?


Onigiri Pouch ($58)


The pouches just keep getting better and better. Introducing the Onigiri Pouch — this black and white accessory fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Sleek, simple and so, so charming, it makes us want to fit an actual onigiri inside and take it with us on the go.


Onigiri Bag ($119)


Last, but not least (and our personal favourite), the Onigiri Bag. Simple enough to carry day-to-night, it’ll be hard not to pair this purse with every outfit you own.

We can’t wait to tuck in to this collection — it’s definitely leaving us hungry for more.

The kāi Sushi Collection will be available on www.iamkai.co from 10AM, 9th November.