Louis Vuitton x League of Legends: Fashion in The Digital Age

As we head into the discombobulating new decade in the coming weeks, there’s arguably only one thing that’s for certain — reality and digital spaces are becoming one and the same.



In the realm of fashion, this isn’t exactly groundbreaking news. In seasons past, virtual fashion models have been taking over life models as muses for Balmain, Dior, and Valentino to name a few. Japanese media giant Final Fantasy has also seen its characters fronting major fashion advertising campaigns.

So what gives? Why has fashion taken a penchant for digital creations as opposed to actual humans? Undeniably, gaming has never ever been so universal, and the Asian luxury market is likewise the biggest and most valuable spending power to tap into. With that said, it all makes perfect sense that today, there are few better ways to appeal to the Asian nouveau riche than being inclusive of one of their biggest passions — video games.

This is made more apparent with Louis Vuitton’s latest collaboration with the world-renowned Riot Games’ video game, League of Legends (LOL).



Uniquely, this collaboration isn’t just for us humans, dedicated LOL players; all 80 million of them, can anticipate an exclusive wardrobe/skin for Qiyana and Senna on the gaming platform. This unprecedented transactional move is significant in acknowledging and including the mass younger audience into the Louis Vuitton label.

For us mere humans, this limited-edition capsule collection encompasses of complete ready-to-wear looks, along with a makeover of the label’s New Classics bags and iconic shoe styles.



Noteworthy is the emblematic ring blade print over the label’s iconic monogram as seen on the ready-to-wear pieces and bags. When it comes to the shoes, fans of either Louis Vuitton, League of Legends, or both, can expect the famous Archlight sneakers and Beaubourg platform Derbys in colourways synonymous with the LOL character Qiyana.

Louis Vuitton’s ingenious move to redefine a fashion house for the digital age, while reaching out to a lucrative market, leaves us with bated breath for more surprises to come. And we are sure you will be too.


The Louis Vuitton x League of Legends capsule collection will be available for pre-order online and on a selection of e-commerce platforms worldwide from December 9th 2019.