What A Pair of Perfectly-Crafted Sneakers Looks Like

This may seem quite unlikely but you probably already own a pair of THE It-shoes of our time. No, I am not talking about the overly-decorated footwear with soles as thick as bread loaves; it’s your simple yet classic white sneakers that have been the wardrobe mainstay of late.

Though white sneakers encompass a huge list of footwear in itself, the perfectly-crafted pair of sneakers are something that we supposedly have at least two pairs of in our favourite style. There’s the pair you care to keep in pristine condition, and the one that accompanies your day-to-day on the daily grind — if you’re a discerning shopper, this means a comfortable, high-quality pair that’ll last through the years. But are you able to pinpoint what makes an expertly-crafted pair and why its quality matters?


Left to Right: adidas Originals SS20 Supercourt EF5887 $160, adidas Originals SS20 Supercourt W EF5925 $160


Left to Right: adidas Originals SS20 Supercourt EF5870 $160, adidas Originals SS20 Supercourt W EG9053 $170


adidas Originals SS20 Supercourt SC Premiere EF5902 $180


Left to Right: adidas Originals SS20 Supercourt W EG9053 $170, adidas Originals SS20 Supercourt EF5887 $160


These days, word on the street is that adidas is seemingly everyone’s go-to quality choice. Don’t take it from us, simply wander about town on any given day, and you will realise without challenge that there will be more people in instantly-recognisable adidas sneakers than you can count with only ten fingers.


adidas Originals SS20 Supercourt EF5887 $160


adidas Originals SS20 Supercourt W EG9053 $170


What I can appreciate about my pairs of adidas sneakers are the comfort they bring when my sometimes gruelling schedule means standing at a photoshoot all-day or running to-and-fro from the office to my appointments about town. The quality white leather used also makes them look sophisticated enough to be worn on carpeted floors when a formal event calls for it.

Having had these sneakers for a substantial period of time, they no longer hold the appearance of cookie-cutter brilliance when I first laid eyes on them. What they still have on the other hand is plenty of life left after all the beatings it’s been through with me – and that I guess is testament to adidas’ promise, that its products will age well over time.


adidas Originals Home of Classics SS20


adidas Originals SS20 Supercourt EF5870 $160


adidas Originals SS20 Supercourt EF5887 $160


adidas Originals SS20 Supercourt W EF5925 $160


adidas Originals SS20 Supercourt W EG9053 $170


adidas Originals SS20 Supercourt SC Premiere EF5902 $180


Coincidentally, all the aforementioned features above are actually a distillation of what makes adidas remarkable — true craftsmanship and the finest details have simply always remained top priorities when it comes to their creations. You can now look forward to the second wave of adidas’ Home of Classics collection, its SS20 launch, where you can expect to find your favourites reworked and perfected in every sense of the word.

Worth noting, is the ‘World Famous for Quality’ stamp emboss on the ankles that make for a standout detail, along with its oft-unnoticed full construction expertise with PU-coated premium white leather that maintains the sneakers’ untarnished whiteness.

With that, here are some views from the Nylon Singapore team on their thoughts of what makes a perfectly-crafted pair of sneakers:


“Sneakers are my go-to shoes, sorry heels. For most days, comfort is key to what I wear, and sneakers take me from full-day shoots to casual events and meet-ups — what that means is that any sneaker I own has to look versatile. I’m not a fan of sporty styles, nothing too chunky either.

Think, sleek designs that can be worn with even a dress, even better if they’ve got that classic, clean look. The irony is that I like my sneakers a little scuffed and used though — it feels more authentic — so it’s got to be well-made to withstand my everyday abuse!” — Amelia Tan, Deputy Editor


“Sneaker culture has long been known about making a statement — but when it comes to perfectly-crafted sneakers what’s most important to me, has got to be its versatility and quality.

I tend to lean on clean white sneakers with subdued aesthetics and a minimalist colour scheme in preference to trendy sneakers. With the simple reason that it goes with every outfit I have in my closet.

Aside from its aesthetics, the quality of the sneakers would also have to be one of the few things I do keep a lookout for when I’m on the hunt for a new pair of kicks. Clearly, for someone who wears sneakers every day, I’d usually place extra thought into finding the best shoes for all-day comfort that money can buy.” — Shazrina Shamsudin, Writer


“The perfect sneakers, in my opinion, needs ample cushion support and a wide fit, as narrow cuts tend to pinch my toes and make me feel uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time. One thing that’s notable about my sneakers choices is that I am always looking out for limited edition collections or collaborations because they just feel more special to me. To reiterate on comfort, I favour low-cut sneakers as they are not stifling for the ankle when it comes to walking, as oppose to the high-cut variations.” — Jasmine Ong, Writer


“Personally, I’m the type of person to wear my shoes until they literally cannot be walked in anymore. So I need sneakers that will age well. Something that I’ll be able to wear out casually, but also be able to dress up a little. I’ve found that a simple, white leather sneaker is my go-to right now because I can’t really think of a situation where I couldn’t wear them.

I like white leather because it looks clean, but a little wear and tear just make them look lived in — which I really like — rather than worn out. Compared to canvas sneakers, which can look too unbecoming with holes from friction etc.

I know, it’s a very marketplace mentality, but I feel like the heavier the sneaker, the higher quality it is. Sometimes a sneaker can feel too light where I feel uncomfortable while walking as there isn’t any support in the steps I take.” — Natalie Tan, Writer


The adidas Home of Classics SS20 sneakers collection will be available at adidas stores in Pacific Plaza, Vivocity, Bugis and Paragon as well as online.