Hermès Announces The Launch of Hermès Beauty!

At first mention, you’d find yourself thinking about their iconic Birkin bag, or even their logo jewellery pieces that you’ve been eyeing since forever. This March, Hermès is kicking things up a notch with the launch of their first foray into the realm of beauty with their first-ever collection, Rouge Hermès.

Hermès launches Hermès Beauty with their full-fledged lipstick collection, Rouge Hermès

After 183 years of existence, Hermès is approaching beauty in their own terms, with the latest expansion of the brand, Hermès Beauty — emphasising on how makeup can be used to enhance and allow you to embrace your features, while revealing them to their best advantage.

A collaborative creation that was driven by some of the most talented collectives — more specifically composing of Bali Barret, Pierre Hardy, Jérôme Touron — Hermès Beauty is a school of beauty where natural characteristics are treasured and the spotlight is put on women with the gesture of some lipstick.

The collection also features a lip brush (top) and a universal lip pencil (bottom).

Influenced by the first colour that was introduced to the house in 1925, the new Rouge Hermès Emblematic collection is devoted to the beauty of the lips with a range that includes Lipsticks ($103 each), a Lip Care Balm ($103), a Universal Lip Pencil ($57), a Poppy Lip Shine ($103) and a Lip Brush ($120), to achieve the ultimate perfect pout — paving the way in beauty and style.

Comes in two different finishes — satin and matte

Akin to different finishes on leather, the full lipstick collection offers finishes in satin and matte. The satin-finish lipsticks are rounded, and deliver full, generous applications with bright and light-filled hues; the matte ones have a more pointed shape for precise and defined application while delivering micronised, highly-concentrated pigments with just a swatch.

Available in 24 shades — 14 satin-finish and 10 matte-finish lipsticks

With 14 satin-finish lipsticks and 10 matte-finish lipsticks shades to choose from, these lipsticks also come with an interchangeable bullet that boasts a  refillable mechanism, allowing you to refill your bullets at any Hermès stores.

As part of the emblematic collection, the introduction of this new metier also imparts a sense of sensoriality to lipsticks. They boast the brand’s signature scent developed by the nose of many Hermès fragrances, Christine Nagel, which sees, or shall we say smells, notes of sandalwood, arnica and angelica.

In true Hermès style, as said by Pierre Hardy, Creative Director for Hermès shoes and jewellery, these lipsticks from the Rouge Hermès collection, “are designed to be purchased as you would purchase a piece of jewellery.”

Adding up to its tactile sensuality, these lipsticks are complemented with a discreet opulence of lacquers, matte finishes and brushed gold for a unique take on your usual bullets.


Rouge Hermès Emblematic Collection will be available from 4 March 2020 at Hermès Singapore Liat Towers, Hermès Singapore Marina Bay Sands and Hermes Singapore Takashimaya. The Rouge Hermès Emblematic Collection includes Lipsticks ($103 each), a Lip Care Balm ($103), a Universal Lip Pencil ($57), a Poppy Lip Shine ($103) and a Lip Brush ($120).