Hey Daddy: Cool & Practical Hands-Free Phone Accessories Your Dad Would Approve Of

If there are two things we seem to be crazy over lately, it’s our phones and anything associated with dads. Perhaps then, it’s only natural that mind-boggling cultural and fashion trends like ugly sneakers, dad bods, silver-foxes, and now neck phone pouches/ necklaces are taking over.


The once considered cringey dad look taking over fashion by storm.


In our latest instalment of obsessing over questionable paternal style, the look in vogue is apparently dads on vacation. Think Hawaiian shirts bought at a petrol kiosk tourist shop, cargo pants with the ghastly socks plus sandals combo, and the neck pouch. Possibly a further development of the micro-bag craze recently, neck phone pouches to their credit are at least able to hold a fair portion of our necessities — serving its most basic functional purpose.

This time it’s gotten the stamp of approval from luxury labels as well, which pretty much means that you can’t go wrong by embracing this trend. But for those on a budget, there are plenty of alternative ironically-covetable pieces for your consideration too. And if you are just planning to go hands-free from your phone to simply be more present in the now as opposed to being fashionably trendy, try phone necklaces that seem to be all the rage also!



Now, you might actually be planning to snag a piece of this trend by settling for something you can get for cheap. But why bother when it would possibly fall apart after a week or two? Take some time to consider this purchase as an investment to your wardrobe, especially if you are one who often dresses in monochrome — this can be a fun way to inject colour into your everyday.


Shop here: besbes and XOUXOU.


Try thinking of this small but vital accessory as a piece that screams you. These designs from XOUXOU and besbes have since become quite the trending fashion phenomenon here in Singapore, especially among PR and marketing executives or people who run events. Perhaps it’s their tasteful restraint when it comes to their design, competitive price-point, or fuss-free usability when one works in a fast-paced work environment and can’t afford to miss an important phone call or email. They will definitely make for a strong contender as your first purchase into this increasingly noticeable trend.

As a point of reference, those who lived the ’90s will perhaps remember the now laughable pager, beeping away to alert you of matters big and small wherever you go; they’re after all often found clipped to a belt or front pocket so its hard to miss. In present day, as our phones have progressively gotten larger (ahem, iPhone X) and have become can’t-live-without essentials on our day-to-day (because you just have to Instagram Story everything), it does make some sense that the phone pouch is a perfectly rational accessory to purchase if recent history is anything to go by.


Shop here: Casetify, Decathlon, Dickies, FREITAG, Pedro, and Zara.


So roam far and wide, dad-style aficionados and actual dads alike, because it’s time you rejoice by adding another one of these chest-front accessories to your collections!


Shop here: Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Burberry, CHANEL, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Valentino.


Oh, and our top tip for styling a neck pouch when you’re actually on vacation? This may seem like nagging, but try wearing it on the inside of your shirt to ward away potential pickpocketers when admiring the Duomo. Great for when you may be feeling iffy about the accessory still, and it’s always better to be safe and sorry.


The neck phone pouches and accessories are available now.