How To Couple Wear With Something New, Something Blue From Sandro SS20

Are you and your beau planning to be matchy-matchy in red this Valentine’s Day because it’s the colour of passionate love (or you’ve bought too much new stuff for CNY but haven’t got the chance to wear them all)? Or be an actual cringeworthy couple in cheesy tees with complementary graphic prints (gasp)? Here’s to hoping you’ll think otherwise if that’s your actual plan.

But if you’ve been thinking of going with something different yet still couple-themed this year, then we’ve got a proposition for you — start by taking some cues from Sandro’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection for your date-night wardrobe inspiration!



One thing that is obviously apparent is the extensive use of blue for both women and men in this lineup. For us, it comes as little surprise that blue is prominently featured as a no-brainer choice for the night. After all, the colour is often associated with romance, albeit in a less apparent way.

Think about it, the saying for a bride when it comes to putting her big-day wardrobe in order goes ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE.’ And we are not sure about you, but we dare say that marriage is probably the biggest declaration of love we know. Above all, are you able to think of a label more romantic than the one known for its very own trademark shade of robin egg blue?

With that in mind, if you had already made the effort to step out of the box, you can’t simply pull on a blue tee and call it a day. Push yourself a little harder and consider how you’re both gonna coordinate on the night. Play up more subtle details like materials (i.e. denim), styles (i.e. prints, stripes, checks) and/or your outfit composition (i.e. you’re both wearing the same number of clothing), on top of the fact that your outfits are both blue.



Going somewhere more casual? Try putting together a billowy blouse with a denim skirt, and get him to pair up a printed shirt with casual shorts. They will make for a really cute couple look when strolling by the beach. We can almost promise that strangers are more likely to ship both of you adoringly as oppose to shiver with a cringe.



For something more formal, a relaxed slightly-oversized shirt + high-waist trousers + statement sandals combo is a rarely-explored outfit for a romantic setting. But hey, it’s a foolproof look that’s not only flattering for most body types — by elongating the supposed length of your legs, and slimming your overall silhouette by tapering your waist — it’s also perfect for a day-to-night scenario as you head straight from work to date-night. FYI, Valentine’s this year falls on a Friday. Just remember to play up the outfit with bold accessories (i.e. statement jewellery, bejewelled belts) so you look fun and up to enjoy all the night has to offer. For him, a tasteful handsomely-made navy suit is all he really needs to instantly suave himself up. It’s almost unfair how easy it is for him with this cheat code.

With all that said, take a chance this Valentine’s Day to go with something new. It’s a new decade and it’s about time we do things differently, even if all that simply means purposely wearing blue on a romantic Friday.


The Sandro Spring/Summer 2020 collection is now available in-stores islandwide.