4 Innovative And Hyped-About Beauty Products That Promise Miraculously Smoother Hair

New beauty products flood our inboxes and social media feeds all the time, but this isn’t just another hair serum or oil we’re recommending — in fact, you might find some of these a little, extra. You see, we’re talking about a magical hair towel, with five-star reviews, that some people can’t live without! Or a pillowcase of the smoothest silk touted by celebrity converts Jourdan Dunn and Chrissy Teigen! A $20 hair scrunchie! All for the sake of smooth, frizz-free, hair.

Clickbait or worthy of the hype? If you’re sick of bedhead and an unmanageable frizz worsened by the humidity, or just want to treat your hair with the utmost respect it deserves, some of these options are worth it. How do we know? We gave some of them a try.

Silk Pillowcases

The Hype:

Anti-bed head and silk sheets, we get. But a pillowcase that’s also anti-ageing? Now, that needs some explanation. First, the smooth hair claim. Silk, being a gentle and soft material, reduces surface friction especially when you’re tossing and turning in your bed at night. It makes sense then, that without that unnecessary tugging, your hair ends up smoother and, well, more silky.

As for why it’s anti-ageing, consider this: compared to cotton pillowcases, silk ones absorb less moisture (while still being very breathable), and are mostly hypoallergenic. Even if you don’t intend to face-plant into your pillow every evening, you’ll appreciate its anti-crease texture that doesn’t tug on your precious skin, while it also doesn’t end up soaking up your hair’s / skin’s natural oils or the expensive skincare you slather on. See this as an upgrade to your daily self-care routine.

Most silk pillowcases have these claims:

  • Soothing for hair and skin — helps skin and hair stay hydrated ; prevents frizzy bedhead ; anti-crease to prevent sleep lines on your face
  • Hypoallergenic — protects against dust, allergens and toxins
  • Feels cooler on contact — helps with thermal regulation when you sleep

One thing to note, most of these are made from 100% pure mulberry silk beloved for its quality, but look out for the density of the fabric, measured in momme. The higher the figure, the more durable but also more expensive it is.


The Verdict:

Seriously amazing, I wake up to sleeker hair.

“Bedhead, be gone? After researching all the advantages of a silk pillowcase, even prior to this article, I was excited to test it out — I got mine from New York-based brand MYK Silk, a mid-priced option because I didn’t want to sink in more than $100 on what I’d consider a luxury. The quality (from what I read) feels similar to many other brands, which use good quality mulberry silk. Indeed, when I tried it, the pillowcase was very smooth, and it definitely felt nice to rest my head on it. Bonus: it was more cooling throughout the night, so the experience was a pleasant one.

Now, whether it works. I’d say that, yes, I got less frizzy, out-of-bed hair in the morning. Not a crazy, untamed mess. And while my hair’s usually wavy-straight and not curly, so it wasn’t the most obvious result at first, it was definitely noticeable when I went back to my usual cotton pillow case (think: bedhead). As for that skincare benefit… I couldn’t really tell if my skincare products stayed on my face longer or not, but I can attest that those skin creases you get after an exceptional night’s sleep? They’re a thing of the past now. I can’t remember the last time I woke up with those. Over time, I noticed I had less random breakouts as well, which I’d like to attribute to this lifestyle change. For that, and way more manageable hair in the morning, I’d say it’s worth it! I’m might not ever go back now.” — Amelia, Deputy Editor

Silk Hair Ties & Scrunchies

the hype:

Silk hair ties feel luxe yes, but they’re also functional — the smooth material protects your hair by keeping tangles, breakage, and frizz at bay. The literally silky-smooth material reduces friction and tension that you’d feel from the usual elastic hair ties, and are gentle on your hair, without pulling some of those strands out when you’re readjusting your ponytail. You also won’t get that annoying hair crease after your hair’s been up the whole day. Bonus points for not cutting into your skin when you’ve got them slung on your wrist. Best for those with damaged or processed hair.


4. SILKE LONDON frida HAIR TIES, $54.50

Does its job and lives up to its claims! Mind the price tag though. 

“Does it feel luxe? Hell yeah. Is it necessary? I don’t know, but I guess it says a lot that it’s now a mainstay in my life. I don’t get ponytail crease lines anymore and it feels good to know that the hair tie doesn’t tug at my hair at all. One of my early doubts before trying this product was whether the slippery material can hold up my thick hair — for that, I’m pleased to say that it does its job quite well. Not quite like a tight elastic band, but enough without being damaging. However, I wouldn’t use this for hair buns as I’m afraid it’ll stretch my precious silk scrunchie over time, which means it does lose some points for versatility. Overall, a good product that does what it says though. The only thing holding me back is how expensive these are… but they’d make great gifts for friends!” — Amelia, Deputy Editor

“It did a decent job at holding up my hair throughout the day. Whether I was at the gym or at work, I didn’t find myself having to re-tie my hair because it managed to retain its elasticity. I also found that I had lesser hair fall as compared to using a traditional hair tie too. The only cons about this silk scrunchie is its price tag — it may not suit those who lose their hair ties easily. If you’re guilty of being one of them, then I’d suggest you reconsider your options.” — Shazrina, Writer

Quick-Dry Hair Turbans / Towels

The Hype:

Well, there’s really one brand we’re talking about — AQUIS. They seem to have cornered the market when it comes to dedicated hair towels. You’ve probably had to unlearn the old habit of excessively wringing and rubbing your hair fresh after a shower, and if you didn’t already know this, please don’t! Wet hair is especially prone to breakage, and all that friction doesn’t help. The trick is to gently pat your hair instead… which might take forever for those with long hair. We feel ya. The good thing about AQUIS then is that their hair towels have been proven to dry hair 50% faster than regular towels, thanks to a proprietary wicking fabric called Aquitex. What you’ll notice is hair with less frizz, split ends and damage; and yes, stronger, smoother and more manageable hair overall.


1. Aquis rapid dry Lisse Hair Turban in chevron, $46
2. aquis rapid dry waffle hair towel in dream boat blue, $62
3. Aquis RAPID DRY WAFFLE HAIR TURBAN IN Moody grey, $62
4. Aquis rapid dry Lisse Hair Turban in Desert Rose, $38.50
the verdict:

It works, if you can afford to be patient. 

“I was really excited to try the AQUIS Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Turban after hearing rave reviews, and after giving it a go, well, I’m not 100% on board. Maybe 80%.

First things first, it works. I have thick, long, straight-wavy hair which take hours if I were to leave it to air-dry, and for a product that claims to cut that drying time by half, it’s certainly effective. The fluffy microfibre material wicks away moisture, and I can essentially leave my hair in a fuss-free swaddle while going about doing other things around the house. Plus points: the hair turban gives the hair-drying process instant glam, while that handy button clasp secures it in place so my hair never slipped out. That’s smart design. You won’t get the uncomfortable feeling of a damp cloth or t-shirt on your neck either, the hair turban keeps my hair up perfectly.

The part I still can’t get used to though is the how — I took a while to figure out how to tie it up properly, despite replaying the instruction video again and again. I also wouldn’t recommend this if you’re rushing for time, rather ironically, since the product still favours a natural air-dry process versus the slightly more damaging but quicker blow-dry. I also feel like “less frizzy” results may only be seen over time. Still, for the convenient design, quicker air-drying time, and that much-touted gentle process, it’s an investment I’d be happy to make.” — Amelia, Deputy Editor

Tangle Teezer

the hype:

We’re talking about a hair brush here, but truth be told, the Tangle Teezer has gained so much earnest, rave reviews that it’s not just an ordinary hair brush anymore. Hairstylists can’t do without it, and neither can you. The OG version claims to be “the ultimate detangling hairbrush”, and boasts an innovative two-tiered teeth system that doesn’t pull or tug the hair — the long teeth detangle, while the shorter ones smooth the hair cuticle. That ergonomic shape fits nicely into your palm too, and man, we haven’t even talked about all the colours and designs they come in!


1. Tangle Teezer Compact Styler in ‘Skinny Dip – Lovely Llama’, $35
2. Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Hairbrush in Petrol Blue Ombre, $35
3. Tangle Teezer The Original Detangling Hairbrush in Original Black, $20
4. Tangle Teezer The Wet Detangler Hair Brush in Millennial Pink, $20
the Verdict:

It depends on your hair type.

“I had been looking for a hair brush that helped tackle tangles on my straight and frizzy hair, and since I’ve heard Tangle Teezer being recommended (by beauty sites) more than once, I decided to give it a try. Not only was the compact size easy to grip, but the bristles made brushing a lot smoother which meant less wincing from the tangled hair!” — Jasmine, Writer

“I love how easy this brush was but the only setback, was the fact that it made my hair fluffier than it already was. I have natural long waves, and thick hair, so I usually tend to stay away from brushes because I know for a fact that they make my hair frizzier than using a detangling comb. But I have to say the Tangle Teezer did detangle my knots without me having to yank it through my hair like the other typical brushes would.” — Shazrina, Writer