Everything You Need To Know About The Asian Baby Girl Trend That’s Taking Over The Internet

Aznbbygirls, pull up! At this point in time, presumably, we’ve all been familiar with the term ‘Asian Baby Girl’ or as others would like to call it, ‘ABG’. Not familiar with the terms yet? Don’t sweat it, with the coming times, we’re not surprised with the kind of lingo that the current young generations are coming up with nowadays.

Asian baby Girl Starter Pack

To help you through this new and upcoming trend that’s been taking over the Internet, we’re here to fill you in on all the deets of your typical ABG gal, starting with our very own curated starter pack.


But let’s make this clear, this ABG trend isn’t just like any of your typical baddie look per se. In fact, this ongoing trend is all about the Asian female “gangster” who has a ton of piercings and tattoos or as Urban Dictionary would say it, the kind of girl “who likes to hang out with Asian b-boys and parties all night long. Puts a lot of makeup on. Has teased hair while also often dye-ing their hair. Fake eyelashes and thick eyeshadow are also relatively common. Are stereotypically hot and wear revealing clothing.” Oh and not forgetting that cup of boba clasped in one hand as you text away with your nail extensions click-clacking on your screens. Now, can you relate? Don’t worry, we’re not judging.

Though most of us girls don’t appreciate being called an ABG, we can’t help but think that this look is certainly one that’s worth considering if you’re looking to try something that’s out of your comfort zone. I mean, have you seen Michelle Choi‘s getup in her ABG transformation video? If you haven’t, then it’s about time you give this a watch and get your mind blown. Other YouTubers like Sarah Cheung have also taken on the trend with her latest video that also imitates the ABG look — and all we have to say is, she looks fire in it.


Now that you’ve got your ABG starter pack sorted, you might be wondering what’s so different about their makeup? Well, most importantly, the look zooms in on putting more emphasis on fake eyelashes, a strong brow look and of course a smokey eye to top it all off. But that’s not all, we also noticed that a typical ABG also prides herself in emphasising on the contouring of her face with the help of a cream contour, that’s accentuated with a bronzer for a more chiselled look. Curious on how you can achieve this highly sought after look? Look no further, ahead, we’re giving you the DL on how you can achieve the look effortlessly even with your arsenal of beauty products at home.


After you’re done with your basic skincare routine, you can start with your base with the help of a primer, followed by a layer of your favourite foundation. In this case, a foundation that delivers a satin-matte finish would fit best for the look. With the foundation and the help of a damp beautyblender, blend the foundation outwards, making sure that it goes on smoothly giving it a natural-looking finish.


1. RMK Liquid Foundation, $63.50. Available at LOOKFANTASTIC.
2. Beautyblender® Shadeshifter Wave, $32. Available at SEPHORA.
3. Givenchy Teint Couture City Balm Foundation, $74. Available at SEPHORA.
4. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation, $72. Available at SEPHORA.
5. Burberry Beauty Matte Glow Foundation, $85. Available at SEPHORA.


Next up — conceal and contour. Here, use a concealer to conceal your dark under-eye circles, while brightening the other key areas such as your forehead, chin and nose. But before you start blending out your concealer, it’s important to note that you should leave it on while you start contouring your face with a cream-based bronzer. After you’ve defined the curvatures of your face, you can then follow through by blending it all out with a beautyblender. Trust me, it works.


1. NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Stick – Highlight & Contour – Medium, $20. Available at Lookfantastic.
2. Stila Pixel Perfect Concealer, $33.00. Available at Lookfantastic.
3. Max Factor Miracle Sculpting Wand, $20. Available at Lookfantastic.
4. Huda Beauty Tantour Contour & Bronzer Cream, $46. Available at Sephora.
5. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Light Capturing Self-Setting Concealer, $50. Available at Sephora.
6. Becca Light Shifter Brightening Concealer, $44. Available at Sephora.
7. Barry M Cosmetics Chisel Cheeks Contour Cream Sticks, $14.50. Available at Lookfantastic.
8. Fenty Beauty Lil Bronze Duo Mini Bronzer Set, $36. Available at Sephora.
9. NYX Professional Makeup Born to Glow Radiant Concealer, $16.50. Available at Lookfantastic.
10. benefit Hoola Quickie Contour Stick, $43.50. Available at Lookfantastic.
11. Hourglass Vanish™ Airbrush Concealer, $58. Available at Sephora.


Some love it others hate it — if you’re wondering about what step is next, well, it’s baking. Here we go again. Though it might be a hassle for some to sit and wait for your face to be baked like a cake, this look definitely pays off — so I suggest you’d spare a minute or two for this step.

For the uninitiated, baking involves applying some setting powder around the under-eye area, forehead and chin, with a damp beauty sponge and wait for it to sit for a minute. After doing so, sweep off the excess powder from your face with a powder brush and you’ll be left looking more awake than you actually feel.


1. Shiseido Translucent Loose Powder, $69. Available at Lookfantastic.
2. Dear Dahlia Skin Paradise Soft Velvet Finishing Powder, $71. Available at Sephora.
3. Cover FX Illuminating Setting Powder, $50. Available at Sephora.
4. Chantecaille Loose Powder, $87. Available at Lookfantastic.
5. Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Setting Powder, $81. Available at Sephora.
6. Sephora Collection Smoothing Translucent Setting Powder, $29. Available at Sephora.


You can also follow up with a bronzer and some blush to your cheeks to give more definition and colour to your look. Heck, don’t forget about applying some highlighter to your cheekbones too!


1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Face Palette, $106. Available at Sephora.
2. MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter – Lightscapade (Limited Edition), $62. Available at Sephora and MAC stores.
3. NARS Overlust Cheek Palette (Limited Edition). $90. Available at Sephora and NARS counters.
4. Pat McGrath Labs ChromaLuxe Hi-Lite Cream, $44. Available at Sephora.


Add some drama to your eyes with a nice smokey eye. You can switch it up and try different shades from orange to pink hues or stay true to the ol’ classic — the grey smokey eye — before lining it with eyeliner, topped with a few coats of mascara.


1. Rimmel Wonder’Luxe Volume Mascara – Brown/Black, $16.50. Available at Lookfantastic.
2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition), $75. Available at Sephora.
3. NARS Afterglow Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition), $90. Available at Sephora.
4. Sephora Collection Brush Tip Liquid Liner, $20. Available at Sephora.
5. Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eyeliner Pen, $35. Available at Sephora.
6. NYX Professional Makeup Micro Eyebrow Pencil and Black Volumizing Mascara Duo, $33. Available at Lookfantastic.
7. Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette Pillow Talk (Limited Edition), $130. Available at Sephora.
8. Gucci Mascara L’Obscur, $56. Available at Takashimaya Beauty Hall.


Lastly, reach out for your lip liner and try to overline your lips with a shade that matches your lip colour and follow up with an MLBB shade to match.


1. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner, $37. Available at Sephora.
2. Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick, $52. Available at Sephora.
3. Sephora Collection Lip Stain Liner, $16. Available at Sephora.
4. Charlotte Tilbury Superstar Lips Lipstick, $50. Available at Sephora.


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Now that you’ve done up your look, you might think, “am I missing something?” Well, you actually are. Most of us girls love dogs, and sometimes we actually like being one, so don’t be a stranger and pull up your Snapchat app (you know which filter we’re talking about), and snap away. Now you’re “officially” an ABG. You can thank us later.

Banner image and video courtesy of Michelle Choi and Sarah Cheung. Banner background courtesy of WallpaperSafari