Streetwear From SBTG, PLAYHOOD & More Local Fashion Brands

Contrary to popular belief, Streetwear is not exclusively about looking like background filler on the set of Running Man, with oversized printed hoodies, baggy track pants, dad sneakers, and utilitarian buckles (on. every. piece. of. clothing.). It’s more about dressing up in any which way you feel best represents you — standing out by looking like no one else, as a show of celebrating individualism and all that jazz.

This fashion movement on detailing what people are wearing on the literal streets with such focus is what many have now considered the biggest fashion trend of our time. And that’s because, for arguably the very first time in history, the influence on fashion design is dictated with a trickle-up motion as opposed to the other way around. In simpler terms, what this means is that the biggest fashion giants in the world are simply making new stuff that people on the streets have probably already owned a version of. But of course, you’ll still have to buy the latest thing they’ve made to be considered relevant in their eyes.

With that, here’s a selection of local fashion brands that each celebrate a distinct look that you can adopt if your wardrobe is due for a makeover. Or you’re just planning to reinvent yourself… again.


Dear Samfu

This local fashion brand is all about the Samfu — a traditional breezy shirt and trouser combo usually made in the same fabric that’s much beloved by Chinese grandmas and was a highly popular everyday style in Singapore back in the 1950s-60s. Designed for maximum comfort for the tropical heat, modesty, and ease of movement, they exemplify all the qualities that follow the man-repelling style of dressing.

Left to right: Not Long Ago Shirt in navy ditsy ($99), Not Long Ago Pants in navy ditsy ($85), Not Long Ago Shirt in red micro-gingham ($99), Not Long Ago Pants in red micro-gingham ($85).

No, it’s not about dressing in a way that instantly inspires distaste from red-blooded men (you shouldn’t even care about what they think). But dressing in a way that makes you feel best, without considering the male gaze. Essentially, it’s all about celebrating being female, and who better to be inspired from than our doting grandmas? Give these a go and wear it on your next visit to spend some time with her! She’ll be almost guaranteed to be really touched, even if all she says to you is “Silly girl!”

The Dear Samfu products featured are now available online with free local shipping.



Japanese street fashion has always been an influential source of inspiration for style globally, not necessarily because they are universally agreed to be the most fashionable (style is after all completely subjective), but due to their visually bold, unmistakable aesthetic. Celebrating this boldness is local accessories-focused fashion brand — SKINARMA.

Top row (left to right): DAY BAG IREZUMI SHOWA ($99), MIYABI KALEIDOSCOPE backpack ($49.90), CROSSLINGER KOUKI ($79).
middle row (left to right): TRAVEL WALLET YOKAI RYU ($69.90), KOZUTSUMI ORIGINAL ($39.90), SAKANA BLUE ($39.90).
bottom row (left to right): JINZU BLUE ($39.90), FUREA PINK ($39.90), JINZU BLACK ($39.90).

Inspired by Japanese culture and the vibrant spirit of the country’s youth, their products are designed to reflect some of the most apparent fashion subcultures you’ll instantly recognise strolling about Harajuku. Namely the Tokyo Rockabilly, Bōsōzoku, and modern Japanese street fashion. So if you’ve always admired what you’ve seen the Japanese youths wearing (or a huge fan of iconic Japanese anime like Akira), and yet not quite ready to go all out adopting their styles, you can count on Skinarma’s premium products (their phone cases, in particular, are said to likely outlast your phone) to pay homage to your love for their inspiring culture.

The SKINARMA products featured are now available online.



(Left to Right): Founder of SBTG: Mark Ong, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park with SBTG customised sneakers.

If you’ve been a fan of anything and everything streetwear, then SBTG (pronounced: sabotage) must be a household name familiar to you. This homegrown sneaker artist is world-renowned for his one-of-a-kind artwork on iconic sneakers and counts (the late) Kobe Bryant as well as Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park as fans of his designs. Today, with their ever-growing fanbase and expansion of the SBTG brand, you can find apparels and accessories that likewise references their signature take on the military camouflage, punk rock aesthetic.

Top Row (left to right): Prism Fury AF1 ($300), Nevermind 997H in GREY/BLACK ($280), Mamba Fury Blazer 77 ($380).
bottom row (left to right): SBTG X Culture Cartel X Overeasy Bucket Hat ($40), SABOTAGE×NUMBER (N)INE_SHOULDER BAG #2 ($35), INXX x SBTG Shoulder Bag ($45).
The SBTG products featured are now available ONLINE.



Florals? For streetwear? Groundbreaking (not sarcasm)! This homegrown label’s original take on all things botanical in their designs reinterprets the frilly softer attributes of flowers as something with a tougher edge — which makes for a refreshing addition of original motifs notably distinguishable from traditional ones often associated with streetwear.

Top row (left to right): Daffodil Wrangler Jacket ($680), Peony Jules Jacket ($520), Sweet Myrrh Bugio Jacket ($480).
middle row (left to right): Cherry Blossom T-shirt ($32), Lily sketch Hawaiian ($71.92), Multi Pastels Hawaiian ($71.92).
bottom row (left to right): Lily Jacket ($78.40), Men’s Straight Leg Jeans ($480), Magnolia Bucket Hat ($20.80).

Also, each piece in their exclusive unisex ready-to-wear collections is hand-painted! And they offer customisation services where customers are able to choose different flowers to incorporate into designs unique and meaningful to them.

The Playhood products featured are now available online with free local shipping.


The cover image featured in this article is courtesy to Playhood, SKINARMa, and dear samfu.