Goldheart’s New Celestial Collections — A Modern Take On Wearing Diamonds

Diamonds. You can’t deny how enraptured we all are with how mere “carbon atoms” can project such beautiful, romantic allure. After all, these sparkling gemstones convey purity, strength, and an everlasting quality, all in one shiny package — and since it’s 2020, this needs to be said: girl, time to get your own diamonds already!

If you’re, too, an independent woman who doesn’t need to wait around for gifts, then Goldheart’s new Celestial collections will definitely appeal to you. These days, there’s a noticeable trend among discerning millennials who opt for high-quality jewellery pieces, especially versatile pieces that can be easily styled up — the diamond is, of course, just as coveted as before. A modern girl needs modern ways to wear the diamond after all, and Goldheart’s fine jewellery pieces are a good place to start since they’re prized for their quality and long-lasting designs.

Rebecca Lim, actress and face of the Goldheart Celestial campaign.

Now, the Celestial diamond, known as the star diamond, is unique for being the world’s first 73-facet starburst diamond, a patented cut that enables it to literally shine brighter — pick it up in person and you’ll notice that brilliant and eye-catching quality, thanks to how it flatters the light. The heritage and trusted jewellery brand has now chosen to showcase that with 4 modern and versatile collections that will appeal to the new generation of jewellery lovers, each intricately crafted, while also effortlessly doing the work to highlight the Celestial diamond. Here’s a look at all of them:

My First Celestial Collection

My First Celestial Collection — wishbone Diamond Necklaces, $1,258 ; Earrings, $498.

This one’s a fine place to start if you’re looking for your first genuine diamond piece. Firstly — and let’s be frank here — the price points are certainly favourable. Starting from $498, the earrings and necklaces, paired with delicate chains and accents of 18k white and rose gold, are reasonable without compromising on quality. All Celestial diamonds are graded with very strict standards and every one (from 0.50ct) is certified by the Gemological Institute of America, which accounts for premium, genuine diamond quality.

My First Celestial Collection — horseshoe Diamond Necklaces, $898 ; Earrings, $498.

It helps that the pieces are just designed to be youthful and subtle, so it doesn’t feel like you’re completely showing off. The luck-inspired designs of horseshoes, wishbones, four-leaf clovers and ladybugs, in sleek shapes and accented with the Celestial diamond, are unique and versatile pieces that you can pair with any part of your wardrobe. All in all, a classy but fun way of presenting some serious bling.

My First Celestial Collection — four-leaf clover Diamond Necklace, $1,048 ; Earrings, $888 ; Earrings, $658.
My First Celestial Collection — ladybug Diamond Necklace, $978 ; Earrings, $508.
My First Celestial Collection, FROM $498.

Celestial Y-Necklace Collection

Celestial Y-Necklace Collection — $1,198 and $888.

Here, you’re looking at distinct necklaces that you can wear daily, and layer on top of your existing jewellery pieces too. Similar to a lot of the pieces in Celestial diamond collections, the jewellery takes on a dreamy starry theme, including a shooting star emblem; floral motifs are present too, or you can opt for subtle, symmetrical designs that exude quiet sophistication.

Celestial Y-Necklace Collection —$988 and $708.
Celestial Y-Necklace Collection, $708 TO $1,248.

Celestial Dancing Diamond Collection

Celestial Dancing Diamond Collection — Top: Earrings, $1,148 ; Pendant, $838. Bottom: Pendant, $788 ; Pendant, $888.

The novel idea of the dancing diamond is certainly unique — it looks somewhat like an optical illusion, since the Celestial diamond is now suspended in mid-air, right at the heart of your chosen earrings or necklace pendant, which gives a mysterious, ethereal vibe to the jewellery pieces.

Celestial Dancing Diamond Collection — Top: Earrings, $1,488 ; Pendant, $1,138. Bottom: Earrings, $1,538 ; Pendant, $1,218.

For this update of Goldheart’s dancing diamond series, it’s clear that they’re looking towards mixed metals in the form of 18k white gold and rose gold, definitely a daring modern concept. Beads and butterflies accompany your diamond, or you can opt for a even more brilliant set of studded diamonds to surround your stunning piece.

Celestial dancing diamond Collection, $788 TO $1,538.

Celestial Crux Collection

Celestial Crux Collection

For a sparkling way to commemorate important milestones, you can look to this Celestial Crux collection, which pairs the brilliant 73-facet Celestial diamond with.a crowning finish — fit for a queen, we dare say. You can opt for white or rose gold, with diamonds ranging from 0.3 – 0.55 carats, which never look too out of place due to the minimalist finishes.

Celestial Crux Collection — Diamond Earrings (0.33ct each), $5,528 ; Diamond Pendant (0.32ct), $3,258 ; Diamond Rings (0.3ct / 0.53ct), $2,898$7,168.

Brides-to-be can also consider these sophisticated pieces as part of their wedding ensemble, a modern take on the Si Dian Jin tradition, if you will. The best thing about that is that you will long to wear these exquisite pieces long after your wedding day, which is the point of fine jewellery anyway — quality pieces that will last.

Celestial crux Collection, $3,258 TO $7,778.


Goldheart Celestial Collection, available online.