Skechers Launches 5 New Premium Heritage Limited Edition Sneakers

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Skechers is launching a five-piece capsule of statement sneakers for their Premium Heritage Limited Edition Collection 2020. Unapologetically bold, colourful, and feminine, the brand’s classic sneakers are reintroduced to the masses with flashy details perfect for the fashionably indiscreet. However, they’re pretty exclusive — you’ll only be able to get your hands on them at Skechers’ Jewel Changi Airport outlet.

First released in 1999, the Skechers Energy was a bestselling hit accredited by some for pioneering today’s chunky sneaker movement. In today’s reintroduction, said sneaker is back in two individually distinct styles, namely, the Cherished Jewel and Stunning Gem, that come equipped to finish the popularity race it started all those years ago.

Above: Skechers Energy — Cherished Jewel ($189).

The Skechers Energy — Cherished Jewel features its signature 1.5-inch thick sole, accentuated by a black patent leather upper and ruffle bows, ideal for the gothic lolita.

Above: Skechers Energy — Stunning Gem ($189).

The Skechers Energy — Stunning Gem similarly sports the height-elevating sole, but is remade entirely in a shade of traffic-stopping red. It comes adorned with a sparkling rhinestone ornament buckle as well, as an additional measure to grab all the attention.

Above: Skechers D’Lites — Glamorous View ($189).

The Skechers D’Lites sneakers are a similarly hulking shoe style from the 90s that have been given a glow-up for this collection. The updated Glamorous View colourway offers an edgier aesthetic with black panels, sequins, gold tassels, and zipper detailing.

Above: Skechers D’Lites — Good Fortune ($189).

The Good Fortune colourway is a touch more feminine, with glimpses of pink and pastel faceted gems over its laces.

Above: Skechers D’Lites Air 3.0 — Sparkling Lady ($189).

Speaking of feminine appearances, the Skechers D’Lites Air 3.0 — Sparkling Lady is the one that really takes things a step further. With watercolour prints and butterfly ornaments that exude all the gaudy 90s vibes, this one is sure to satisfy the tastes of those who crave the flashy codes of that era’s fashion.


The Skechers Premium Heritage Limited Edition Collection 2020 sneakers ($189 Each) will be available from 6 July 2020, in-stores at Skechers JEWEL CHANGI AIRPORT only.
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