DIOR BACKSTAGE Face & Body Powder-no-Powder — a thin, lightweight, gel-based face powder from a patented technology

One would think that after centuries of development, the face powder would be perfected, but no. Every month, a new one is launched, claiming to be better, and the one we’re all searching for. This week, it’s DIOR. With a name like “Powder-no-Powder”, I’ll admit I was very confused with what this product is trying to be. Its tagline is “a multi-purpose powder without powder”. I don’t know what to believe. Let’s talk about what this product really is: yes, it is a powder, but it has a really thin, light texture that’s unlike the standard face powders we’re used to; with a finish that is said to be matte but luminous, imperfection-blurring, complexion-evening, and undetectable. Watch DIOR makeup’s Creative Director, Peter Philips explain it:


As he explains, the powder has a “gellified” base. This is a transparent gel base that is infused with soft-focus pigments (these blur and mattify) and mother-of-pearl micro-particles (these emphasise and highlight). There’s no talc or mica in the formula, so you won’t get a “powdery” finish (hopefully, that’s not what you’re looking for).

Above: Dior Backstage Face & Body Powder-no-Powder in Shade 2N, $65

There are seven shades of Face & Body Powder-no-Powder (ON to 6N), which you can use as a finishing touch after liquid or cream foundation, or as highlighters and bronzers depending on the shade and your natural skin tone. Here are some examples given by Peter Philips on the usage and application of this new product:


If you want a flawless base that will last the entire day, use primer, foundation, and then the Powder-no-Powder in a matching shade all over the face to set the entire base makeup.


Choose a shade darker than your usual skin tone and brush below the cheekbones to contour and accentuate them. Or lightly dust the darker shade on the cheekbones for a naturally bronzed look.


Go for a shade that matches your complexion, and use it by itself without any other foundation for a “genuine second skin”. This is for days you don’t want to go completely bare skin, but don’t want to “feel” your makeup on your skin.

Above: Dior Backstage Face Brush N°18, $83

DIOR BACKSTAGE also has a new makeup brush to use Powder-no-Powder with. It’s called Face Brush N°18 and features soft, short synthetic bristles in an ultra-dense structure. It picks up an ideal amount of powder in a single sweep and its curved shape is designed to be easy to hold and use.

Together, the new brush and powder should make an interesting addition to our makeup boxes, considering the powder’s alternative formula. I can’t wait to try it.

Check out the campaign images below.

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Dior Backstage Face & Body Powder-no-Powder ($65) in 7 shades, and Dior Backstage Foundation Brush N°18 ($83), available at Dior boutiques and counters from 01 March 2021.