NYLON’s Valentine’s Day Guide — Gifts According To How You Feel About The Occasion

Valentine’s Day has got to be the most divisive occasion ever. Go ahead, we dare you to bring it up in civil discussion — you’ll find a starry-eyed romantic who loves how it honours love, the cynic who abhors it so much they have to tell you why right now, or those who love to hate on it yet still succumb to the red roses and heart-shaped indulgences anyway. Love to hate, or hate to love, no matter your mood, we’ve got the gift you’ll want to get.


1. “All you need is love.”

We all know a hopeless romantic, and hey, that could be you. No judgment here — let your inner Romeo / Juliet shine with these Hallmark-level gifts that say “I love you” and “I’m thinking about you” in the most extra ways possible. These are still classy af though, so your lovelorn gaze definitely won’t be met with a sad cringe.


2. “Ugh, gross.”

When “thanks I hate it” and a major eye roll can’t quite cut it, maybe these will do. Why bother with a gift, you say? How else are you going to tell the world that you both hate (but secretly love) the world’s most annoying, commercialised holiday?


3. Galentine’s Day > Valentine’s Day

Enough with the extolling of couples and star-crossed lovers already! If there’s anything we learnt from our years of existence and heartbreak, it’s that partners may come and go, but friends are for life. It’s time to let our real cherished loved ones know how important they are.


4. For the guys

Bouquets of 99 roses and dazzling jewellery are always on proud display every Valentine’s Day anyway, though isn’t it unfair how all the responsibility and stress often fall on the men in our lives? We’re all for equality here, so this one’s for the guys who deserve all that over-the-top love too.


5. Date night

There’s no date night greater than a Valentine’s Day date night, so you might as well go all out with the perfect dress, jewellery, and makeup for a complete, head-to-toe smouldering look. Who knows, this might be the only one you’re getting in a while.


6. “I’m staying home.”

There are two, very different scenarios when you’re staying home for Valentine’s Day — both are equally valid. One, it’s your night of indulgence and you couldn’t care less about what society thinks; here’s you rocking up to the occasion with pajamas. The next one’s more for the couples who’re in for a cheeky good time. Don’t need to pick a side, we’ve catered to both options here.



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