The OSIM uGlow Series Has 4 Beauty Devices For Every Part Of Your Skincare Regime

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear “OSIM”? Massage chairs. Yes, they make good ones too, though we’re about to hear a lot more about this outstanding local brand and their other category-busting innovations. Hot after the debut of the OSIM uThrone, the world’s first gaming massage chair, is a new series of devices, and this time they are delving into more familiar territory — beauty.

Enter the OSIM uGlow series. Beyond just facial massagers, OSIM has debuted an entire range of beauty devices designed to enhance your skincare regime. Whether it’s a more thorough cleanse, or technology that boosts the effects of our serums, these help us achieve healthy skin that’s well-hydrated and firm.

The range includes the following: a facial cleansing device, a device that uses Galvanic IonCare technology to maximise the effects of our serums, a next-gen eye massager, and a misting device that prevents our skin from drying out in air-conditioned environments. Here’s a quick breakdown on each of them and how they work:

1. CLEANSER — uGlow Cleanse

WHAT: A facial cleansing brush for a more effective cleanse.

Facial cleansing devices are especially effective at sweeping away dirt, impurities, and makeup residue we might have missed if we were just rinsing our faces with water. This one’s no different — and yet, does it all too. Firstly, a GlowSonic Cleanse Technology enables 6,000 pulses per minute to deeply cleanse the skin, with three adjustable intensities too. Then, there are two further features that aid its work even more: LED light, to either stimulate collagen, reduce inflammation, or result in brighter skin, depending on the colour you choose; along with a warming sensation to relax tense facial muscles and open up the pores for better skincare absorption.

OSIM uGlow Cleanse, $169.

2. TONER & SERUM — uGlow IonCare

WHAT: A facial device that harnesses Galvanic IonCare Technology to  maximise the effects of our skincare

This one’s best paired with your favourite toner, serum or essence, with  Galvanic IonCare Technology that’s able to do two things — cleanse and nourish the skin. The first mode is a Cleanse Program that emits positive ions and micro-vibrations to draw out negatively-charged impurities embedded deep within our skin. Then, there’s the Nourish Program which does the opposite; a combination of negative ions and micro-vibrations pushes skincare ingredients into deeper skin layers, to ensure that our serums are better absorbed and therefore more effective. Additionally, there’s also a soothing warm effect to accompany each mode.

OSIM uGlow IonCare, $169.

3. EYE CREAM — uGlow Eye

WHAT: A soothing eye massager that boosts the effects of your eye cream.

Don’t you wish you dedicated more time to your delicate eye area every night? That’s always our aim, but then, we’re often too lazy to get our fingers tap-tap-tapping away, so a dedicated eye massager is just perfect. This targets our most major eye concerns: eye bags, wrinkles and fine lines, and dark eye circles. To deal with these, Sonic Vibration Technology delivers 8,000 pulses per minute, which promotes better absorption of our eye creams. On top of that, there’s also LED Light Therapy in red to reduce fine lines, yellow to reduce dark circles, and blue to soothe irritated skin. You may also adjust the device’s warm setting to improve blood circulation, or, pro tip here, even use this along your temples to relieve headaches.

OSIM uGlow Eye, $129.

4. MOISTURISER — uGlow Mist

WHAT: A portable facial humidifier that delivers a cool, fine mist for extra hydration. 

If you sleep in an air-conditioned room all night, you’d know how it takes heavier creams and more dedicated care so your skin doesn’t dry out. Can relate? Then this misting device should come in handy. The uGlow Mist is a portable facial humidifier that you can switch on at night after patting in your moisturiser. It delivers a cool, fine mist into the surrounding air so your skin’s able to better absorb the cream, ensuring that your skin stays extra hydrated throughout the night. The fact that it’s portable is also a big win — you can get a quick hydration boost on-the-go, use it as a portable charger, or use its mirror for touching up makeup.

OSIM uGlow Mist, $69.


From now till 26 Feb 2021, use the code ‘NYLONUGLOW’ to purchase a complete OSIM uGlow Beauty Series set at $279 (U.P. $536).


OSIM uGlow Beauty Series, $536 for the complete set. Available islandwide at all OSIM stores and online at