6 New Scents To Add To Your Never-Complete Fragrance Collection

Calling all fragrance fiends, it’s that time of the year where we’re itching to add a little bottle or two to our ever-growing, never-complete perfume collection. If you feel the same too, say no more. After all, it’s been a while since we last put together a comprehensive list, and the same rules apply — we just want everyone to smell good. Whether it’s a warm solar scent, a fragrance that honours a legacy flower, one that whisks us away to an Italian escape, or another with a sustainable message, here are this season’s absolute must-haves.

1. Jo Malone London Yellow Hibiscus Cologne

Yellow Hibiscus Cologne.

Ever heard of a solar scent? Just like a ray of sunshine, these are fragrances that play with warm and radiant notes, much like the latest Jo Malone London Yellow Hibiscus Cologne. Meant to feel like we’re on faraway shores, and part of their colourful Blossoms limited edition collection, it’s no coincidence that the key bloom happens to be the state flower of Hawaii. The scent therefore captures its spirit in a beaming and sparkling light floral fragrance, which sees yellow hibiscus paired with fresh roses at dawn and a slice of lime for a zesty hit. There’s also a Red Hibiscus Cologne Intense variant, a deeper and more vivid scent. “When people think of tropical islands like Hawaii, they usually think of the beach and the sea, but for me, it’s all about lushness and flowers under the warm tropical sun,” said Celine Roux, the brand’s global director of fragrance. “That’s what we’ve tried to capture in both our hibiscus fragrances: blossoms that are beaming, vivid and exotic.”

$115 (30ml) and $215 (100ml). pre-launching first at SEPHORA, and from 9 March at all JO MALONE LONDON boutiques and via their concierge service.

2. Bvlgari Allegra Collection

Core fragrances: Riva Solare, Rock’n’Rome, Fiori D’Amore, Fantasia Veneta, Dolce Estasi. Essences: Magnifying Bergamot, Rose, Musk, Patchouli, and Vanilla.
Dolce Estasi.

In another series of scents that take you places, Bvlgari’s Allegra series features five core EDPs crafted as tributes to Rome, right down to the sculptural flacons. Yes, we’re meant to feel that fleeting thrill of an Italian getaway — whether that’s sipping on a caffè ristretto on a rooftop terrace, being tempted at a famous pasticcerie, or sunbathing at quaint seaside towns. Each of the key scents are unique enough, and put together floral-fruity notes such as rose and raspberry, osmanthus and apricot, or a powdery heliotrope with Italian citrus for Dolce Estasi, a scent that’s reminiscent of Italian pastries. They’ve also introduced an innovative way to personalise your scent — you can pair your chosen scent with five distinct essences, magnifying musk or bergamot for instance, which can either enhance existing notes or bring a new dimension to their base scents. If you’re looking for place to start, try Riva Solare, Bvlgari’s ode to the Italian Riveria, with the bright bergamot essence for an extra burst of sunshine. 

$263 (50ml) and $375 (100ml) for the edp fragrances. $300 for the magnifying essences. Available online at bulgari.com and at Takashimaya.

3. Le Lion de Chanel

Bearing the same astrological sign as Gabrielle Chanel, the new Le Lion fragrance is part of the house’s Les Exclusifs de Chanel series, and is a fragrance to roar about if you like the daring, warm notes of this majestic oriental scent. Then again, there is unbelievable restraint here, since perfumer-creator Olivier Polge endeavoured for an elegant piece that shows “a lion that does not need to roar to command respect”. An ambery accord and leather notes of labdanum at its heart are softened by vanilla, bergamot and lemon, followed by sensual sandalwood to temper the musky raw patchouli. The result is a sophisticated, faceted scent that carries both power and softness.

$328 (75ml), and $588 (200ml) for the edp. Exclusively available at CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty boutiques islandwide.

4. Louis Vuitton Étoile Filante

We can all do with a little message of hope once in a while, and Louis Vuitton’s new scent is here to remind us of universal, unbounded joy. Étoile Filante literally means shooting star, a symbol of dreams come true, which is exactly what you’ll get with a whiff of this soft radiant scent. Here, perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud opts for the key notes of osmanthus, a flower he’s loved since childhood, where its grandeur is accompanied by naturally fruity apricot and cassis. A touch of jasmine from Grasse is then incorporated into the fragrance, an ingredient that’s been carefully extracted via proprietary technology to make the most of its velvety scent, while there’s also a fresh magnolia essence from China, exclusive to the house. This is a graceful one that carries all of its joy in the most subtle of bottles.

$410 (100ml). available at all Louis Vuitton boutiques and on LOUISVUITTON.COM.

5. Chloé Atelier des Fleurs: Tuberosa 1974

Chloé loves florals, which is why they’ve invited renowned perfumers from all over the world to pay homage to their favourite blooms in each Atelier des Fleurs creation. Now, that collection is further extended by three new additions — one of which is the Tuberosa 1974. If you haven’t already guessed from the archival-sounding name, the scent celebrates the house’s first-ever fragrance in 1974, created under the helm of then-artistic director Karl Lagerfeld, and its key ingredient, the tuberose. This time, the original notes of the white flower are refreshed by master perfumer Dominique Ropion, who sought to honour its velvety and creamy goodness with a new freshness, one that radiates with spicy notes. All this is then encased in an elegant pleated glass bottle with an ivory cap that appears to be carved in stone and gold trim, meant to complement the gentle hue of the perfume.

$330 (150ml). Available at SEPHORA, Takashimaya, and Tangs at tang plaza.

6. Giorgio Armani MY WAY

If you need a little extra persuasion to get a bottle of Giorgio Armani’s MY WAY, just know this — the brand is introducing an innovative, refillable and recyclable flacon, with a scent that favours sustainably-sourced natural ingredients. Vanilla, for instance, is sourced from Madagascar in collaboration with local NGO Fanamby, which ensures fair trade and local community support. With such a modern mindset in place, the fragrance itself is also a contemporary floral scent for the new generation, one that puts together a bouquet of white florals for free-spirited femininity. It opens with bright orange blossom and bergamot, with a heart of Tuberose, Jasmine Grandiflorum and Jasmine Sambac, all from India, followed by Madagascan vanilla and Virginia cedarwood for a warm base. Just as delightful is the glass flacon that proudly displays MY WAY’s vibrant pink juice, which contrasts with the cap’s deep blue stone-like design.

$190 (90 ml). available at TANGS and at the Armani beauty stores at ION Orchard and Isetan Scotts, or through the brand’s phone delivery platform.