Muji Linen — The more you wear it, the more you love it

Linen is a fabric that’s easy to fall in love with; good linen is super soft and comfortable, and when worn, feels like second skin. It’s also a strong and durable fibre; when it gets wet, it becomes stronger, and over time, it doesn’t portray the usual characteristics of standard fabric wear and tear, but instead becomes softer and even more comfortable.

Muji takes their linen a step further and ensures they come from sustainable sources, with a portion of it being organic hemp grown with no chemical fertilisers or pesticides. It’s also the perfect material for shirts and blouses because it’s absorbent and dries quickly, making it ideal for Singapore’s humid weather. Check out Muji’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection worn by inspiring individuals who share a love for linen.

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Highlights from the collection:

The French Linen Washed Shirt line focuses on the stand-up collar design for Men’s and Ladies’. It features the right crispness of fabric and gets softer with every wash, reflecting the true uniqueness of Muji Linen.

Above: French Linen Washed shirt for men ($59) and ORGANIC LINEN WASHED STAND COLLAR SHIRT in MUSTARD ($49)

New to Muji and launching end March 2021, knotted button shirts available in unisex sizes. These shirts are also designed to use offcuts that were not previously reusable, thus reducing waste.

Above: French linen wash knot button shirt in white, gray and navy ($59 each)

French Linen Trousers and Pants for both Men and Ladies are ideal for wearing at home or for going out, and come with an elastic waistband for easy comfort.

Above: French linen trousers and pants ($59-$69)

Also launching end March 2021, the French Linen Shirt Jacket for women. This piece is cut for comfort as a casual outer layer and perfect for Singapore’s tropical climate.

Above: French linen Shirt jacket for women ($59)

Other new items to check out include the Ladies’ UV Protection French Linen Sleeveless Sweater (available in selected stores only), French Linen UV Protection Crochet and Bolero.

Above: (top row) French linen sleeveless sweater in Navy, smokey brown and brown ($49 each) / (bottom row) French linen UV protection Crochet ($49) and Bolero ($69)

Limited Promotions (18 March to 31 March 2021):

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For more information, store locations and opening hours, visit Muji Singapore online here.  And shop their online selection at their official store on Shopee.