The Swatch Space Collection Is Inspired By NASA Astronauts And Their Iconic Spacesuits

It looks like Swatch have set their sights on something beyond this world — out of this world, in fact — with the latest Space Collection. Inspired by NASA and the space agency’s inspiring stories that allow us to dream of going boldly “where no man has gone before”, this series features five watches that take on the iconic colours and design accents of spacesuits worn by NASA astronauts. Three of the watches are also made from BIOCERAMIC, a Swatch innovation that pairs ceramic with sustainable bio-sourced plastic for an extra-resilient material.

Swatch BIG BOLD — BIG BOLD JUMPSUIT (Bioceramic), $194 ; BIG BOLD CHRONO EXTRAVEHICULAR (Bioceramic), $246 ; BIG BOLD CHRONO LAUNCH (Bioceramic), $253.

The first watch in the BIOCERAMIC line-up is the white BIG BOLD CHRONO EXTRAVEHICULAR, a 47mm chrono design that replicates the classic white spacesuit most notably worn in 1983 by NASA astronauts Story Musgrave and Donald Peterson. Interestingly so, the chrono timer is set to ten seconds prior and highlighted in red, to pay homage to the final 10-seconds countdown before lift-off. Red and blue strap loops and watch hands, as well as the NASA logo complete the design.

The orange BIG BOLD CHRONO LAUNCH follows a similar design, with slightly different colours that are now inspired by the orange Advanced Crew Escape Suit; blue and white strap loops and a silver-coloured dial are key as well.

As for the blue BIG BOLD JUMPSUIT, this 47mm design is made with bio-sourced plastic glass and a translucent skeleton dial that only just shows off the inner workings of the watch. Recalling the blue jumpsuits astronauts wear for press conferences or working in the NASA facility, we see white strap loops and hands, and some stark red accents that accompany the more subtle design.

Swatch New Gent — SPACE RACE, $141 ; TAKE ME TO THE MOON, $127.

If you prefer a more minimalist look, there are also two Swatch New Gent watches you can look out for. TAKE ME TO THE MOON ‘GENT’ sees a transparent case where you still get to indulge in bold, contrasting hues of red and blue. For SPACE RACE ‘NEW GENT’, they’ve gone for a silver-coloured dial with a mirror-like effect, while the rest of the watch is kept monochromatic in black and white.

Here’s the full range of watches in the Swatch Space Collection:


Swatch Space Collection, $147 – $253. Available at Swatch stores from 3 June 2021 and Swatch from 8 June 2021.