Uniqlo launches affordable period underwear — AIRism Absorbent Sanitary Shorts

Period underwear is one of those things that you have to try for yourself to understand how great it is. These are panties or shorts that are padded with extra layers of fabric to absorb the blood, which also means you don’t need to wear tampons or pads (but of course this depends on your flow). The idea of this may sound icky, but good ones actually work well to keep the crotch area dry, and believe it or not — odour-free. The “ickiest” part would only be rinsing them out, and you’ll want to do that in your own bathroom sink or while you shower. You could of course throw them straight into the washing machine (I prefer not to).

Above: The new Uniqlo Sanitary Shorts
(Photo courtesy Uniqlo).

Wearing period underwear is obviously far more eco-friendly than going through boxes of pads and tampons, but there are far more benefits to them; they provide you with some security that you won’t stain your outfit or bed, and are great for days that you’re expecting your period but never know when it’s going to come.

We’ve previously tried versions from Thinx, which is one of the original brands that sold period underwear, but their classic briefs will set you back between $40 to $50 each, and that doesn’t include shipping. So today when Uniqlo announces their first-ever liquid-absorbing sanitary shorts, we’re planning an overhaul of our underwear drawer.

(Left) The water-resistant layer extends across the back up to the waist.
(Right) The three-layer construction.

There’s a three-layer construction that comprises a quick-drying and odour control layer, an absorbent layer that is able to hold up to 30-40ml of liquid, and a water-resistant layer made of laminated water-repellent fabric. The water-resistant layer extends across the back up to the waist, so the rear is kept dry, while reducing unpleasant stiffness.

Above: it can hold up to 30-40ml of liquid.

On average, women lose less than 80ml during one period cycle, and heavy bleeding is defined as losing more than 80ml. The Uniqlo Sanitary Shorts claims to hold 30-40ml of liquid, which sounds more than adequate for a day.

Above: Four colours of the uniqlo sanitary shorts.

The shorts come in four colour variations that can be matched with Uniqlo’s Wireless Bra 3D Hold.

Above: Uniqlo Wireless Bra 3D Hold.


Uniqlo Airism Absorbent sanitary shorts, priced at $29.90 and available in sizes S—3XL. available from September 27, 2021, at Uniqlo Orchard Central Global Flagship store, UNIQLO ION Orchard and online at UNIQLO.COM.