Review: The N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalizing Serum and Cream, feat. Eugena Bey and Charlotte Mei

The N°1 DE CHANEL line is the brand’s latest breakthrough in beauty, so no wonder it’s been the talk of the town since its launch in January. The first thing you must have noticed? The colour red. It’s a deliberate choice by the house, which highlights the defining ingredient present in the skincare series: the red camellia.

As Mademoiselle Chanel’s emblematic flower, CHANEL has cultivated a special relationship with the camellia, ensuring that the precious ingredient is grown at their own open-sky laboratory in Gaujacq, located at the South-West of France, a space established in collaboration with reigning camellia expert Jean Thoby. The garden contains 2,000 camellia varieties collected worldwide, and it’s there that we find the exact variety used in the N°1 DE CHANEL — ‘The Czar’, from which CHANEL derives its red camellia flower extract.

Research has shown that the flower helps to protect skin vitality by addressing the first stages of skin ageing. The beauty line then harnesses its revitalising power, in order to prevent and correct the appearance of the five signs of ageing. With regular use of the N°1 DE CHANEL skincare ritual, you’ll notice lesser wrinkles, visibly refined pores, improved skin texture and skin comfort, as well as a glowing complexion.

It’s worth noting that the N°1 DE CHANEL takes on an eco-responsible approach to their product design as well, introducing their first refillable packaging in the form of the Revitalizing Cream. Its lid is also made with 90% bio-based materials, while other products in the range do away with paper leaflets and see their potent formulas housed in lighter, recyclable glass printed with organic ink.

With that, we just had to have a skincare session with Eugena Bey, founder of BE. Pilates, and nutritionist Charlotte Mei on the range, comparing notes on what we loved about the range, and why skincare is such a complementary part of their respective passions. Ahead, we hear from them as they share more about their go-to items from the N°1 DE CHANEL line.

Eugena Bey (@itzeugena)
Founder of BE. Pilates

Entering Eugena’s pilates studio feels like home — which is a stretch, coming from someone who doesn’t devote much time to exercise. Yet, I didn’t feel judged at all. With her radiant yet calming demeanour, the founder of BE. Pilates, a boutique pilates studio,  is the kind of teacher you’ll want guiding you through your fitness routine, which she does regularly in private, intimate classes, on top of running the business.

Beyond just encouraging us to take care of our bodies, she’s all for taking time out for a skincare routine as well, a practice that helps with her mental wellness and being comfortable in her own skin.

Her Go-To Products:

The N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalizing Serum, $175; N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalizing Cream, $167.

her thoughts on the N°1 DE CHANEl range: 

“I first got to try the skincare series last December, and brought it along with me on my trip to Denmark. And because I really wanted to see the effects after usage, I used the range exclusively for an entire month. I love how moisturised it kept my skin despite the freezing temperature, and my skin definitely looked more radiant.”

“As for what I like most about it, I love the scent! It’s a really subtle note that I like. I really like the packaging of the N°1 range too — the dropper for the serum gets the perfect amount of product that I need for my skin.

I like a simple, but effective skincare routine. The N°1 skincare range provides all the benefits that my skin needs in two steps. I apply the serum and cream, top it off with some sunscreen, and I’m ready to go.”

why fitness and skincare are so important to her: 

“I strongly believe in taking care of ourselves. Making time to work out outside of my working hours goes beyond just physical goals — it helps me to clear my mind and gives me a better quality of life. Likewise, for skincare, I make a routine out of it because it benefits my skin, and helps me become more comfortable and confident in my own skin.”


Charlotte Mei (@thecharlottemei)
Nutritionist, Presenter

Charlotte meant business the moment she entered the room, with a red tweed jacket too, surely a power move. All intimidation, surely, melted away the moment she spoke though, sunshine smile and all. As a nutritionist who’s all about health and wellness, she’s dedicated to “bring people closer to the food they eat and build a healthy relationship with food”.

This admirable dedication of hers led to a recently-launched podcast, In A Bite, where she debunks common nutrition myths, a newsletter covering her day-to-day life, as well as her work as a presenter where she often talks about food, health, and sustainability — and here, skincare.

Her Go-To Products:

The N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalizing Serum, $175; N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalizing Cream, $167.

her thoughts on the N°1 DE CHANEl range: 

“It feels like I’m giving my skin exactly what it needs. At 29, I need more than just hydration, yet I don’t necessarily need intense anti-ageing creams yet; CHANEL Nº1 gives me just that. It’s incredibly easy to use and my skin feels like it’s getting pampered throughout the day. I’ve been using it for four months now, and my skin has very quickly gotten acquainted with it.

The cream actually looks and feels thick upon contact (I mean, do you see how it looks when I swipe my finger over it!), yet it glides so easily on my skin, gets absorbed really quickly, and gives a light satin finish. I also really like the fragrance mist, which I use not only on myself, but also as a bed spray. I learnt this trick when I experienced the Nº1 facial treatment at CHANEL PRIVÉ.”

“The nerd in me also loves the technology behind it. When I first started using the range, I spent a few hours reading up about senescence (the process of skin ageing) and how the red camellia extract, the star ingredient of the Nº1 range, contains a molecule which slows down this process. I find that really fascinating. I also appreciate how CHANEL has lowered their environmental footprint through several ways in this range such as providing refillable jars and redesigning their packaging.”

on the importance of ingredients we put in our body, and our skin: 

“Overall health maintenance is a holistic process and doesn’t only rely on just one thing. What we eat and drink, what we apply topically, how we speak to our inner selves, our sleep hygiene… all these have a part to play and hence require our attention.

I like a fuss-free and versatile approach when it comes to my skincare regime. You know the products work for you; they’re intuitive, easy to use, absorb into your skin effectively without too much waiting time in-between. This summarises my experience with the Nº1 range.”


N°1 DE CHANEL IS AVAILABLE at chanel fragrance & beauty ON THE CHANEL FRAGRANCE AND BEAUTY boutiques, and online at  SG-ESHOP.CHANEL.COM.
HAIR & makeup BY GREG-O.
charlotte, shot on location at FUNAN l7 urban garden.