Samsung Expands Their BESPOKE Refrigerators Line With A ‘Creators Collection’ Of Original Artwork

Since the successful launch of the Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator in Singapore, the Korean tech giant is giving you even more reasons to liven the style of your fridge in the kitchen with some pizzazz!

While the earlier BESPOKE line-up allows one to customise their household appliance in a variety of ways, to complement various home settings and aesthetics, the new BESPOKE Creators Collection offers unique panel design options specifically designed by invited artists.

There are now 6 new fridge panel designs to choose from, inspired by everyday joy and passion, from local interior design firm ROOOT Studio, artist Candice Phang, as well as the winners of the #BESPOKEDesignedByYou contest. The contemporary flat-panel design of the refrigerator is the perfect canvas for these original artworks, and even features recessed handles for a clutter-free look.

Here’s a closer look at each design from the BESPOKE Creators Collection.

by local creators

1. “Goood Afternoon” by ROOOT Studio

Designed as a conversational piece in the heart of the kitchen, “Goood Afternoon” features elements of everyday Singaporeans’ lives including some of our iconic sights like Marina Bay Sands, and our adorable resident pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia with their cub Le Le!

Available in BESPOKE 4-Door Flex, $5,789.

2. Fleur Purrfect by Candice Phang

Inspired by Candice’s love for cats and plants, Fleur Purrfect is an interpretation of an enchanting and whimsical cat-filled world that would hopefully add a positive and cheerful vibe to any kitchen.

Available in BESPOKE 1-Door Flex and Bottom Mount Freezer combination, $4,778.

by #BESPOKEDesignedByYou contest winners

3. Kitchen View with Birds, ST Leng  

Created from a friend’s cherished memory of a visiting kingfisher seen from the kitchen of her little flat, Kitchen View with Birds aims to spread the same type of joy experienced by the vibrance of life within nature.

Available in 2 x BESPOKE 1-Door Flex, $4,878.

4. Journey by Raymond Kong

Just like how refrigerator magnets tell a cherished story or memory, Journey pays homage to the feelings of nostalgia with its magical dose of vibrance and life.

Available in 2 x BESPOKE 1-Door Flex, $4,878.

5. Cat’s Apartment by Liang Yi Jie 

Designed with clear precise lines and meticulous attention to detail, Cat’s Apartment will have you taking a closer look each time you take something from the fridge, in an effort to see if you can spot the cat residents living in the apartment.

Available in 2 x BESPOKE 1-Door Flex and 1x Bottom Mount Freezer, $7,217.

6. Yin & Yang — the Balance of Life by Goh Chen Lin 

Yin & Yang is a portrayal of the harmony of life with a pair of koi fish made to look like the yin-yang symbol which brings the perfect balance to any home.

Available in BESPOKE 1-Door flex and Bottom Mount Freezer, $4,778.


If you’re someone who prefers something more personalised, Samsung is also offering a customisation option, for you to print your own original artwork as refrigerator decals for the panels. You won’t just get to design the fridge of your dreams but also have it reflect your distinctive style and personality.

The Samsung BESPOKE Creators Collection is now available from $4,778 (without GST) on the SAMSUNG ONLINE STORE and selected consumer electronics retailer stores. For more information, click HERE.


All images courtesy of Samsung Singapore.